You Know It When You Hear It

HATE SPEECH ON THE STREETS OF NEW YORK. Word on the street is that Americans, by and large, are smart people, even if there are huge gaps in their personal education stratosphere. But everyone knows how to recognize true hate speech, and not merely offensive speech. Americans can be easily offended, but that is another topic for another day. We are discussing the ugly phenomenon now universally dubbed as hate speech. While many characteristics of hate speech can be debated as to whether much of what is declared hate indeed qualifies, some instances of hate speech in action is just too vile and too obvious to escape the facts.

We know it when we hear it and we know it when we see it. Unfortunately, many will still continue to ignore the obvious, make excuses for these true racists, these true haters, these true radicals, while turning their ire on those who would seek to protect our our culture, our nations, our cities, our families, ourselves from this vicious brand...

...of hatred.

While nations continue to pass laws against hate speech, this evil tongue roves wildly across the lands, and the nations tremble, cower in fear, and bow to their false witness. We must awaken, my people. Awaken to the obvious.

Think of it this way. When a marching Muslim man cries foul, he's just aiming to play the race and the victim cards, in order to camouflage the Islamic supremacist sharia-pushing agenda. Think of the strategy as one of disguise and ambush. In the US, Muslims are claiming to be the "New Blacks" just as in Europe they are pretending to be the "New Jews" even as an unspeakable anti-semitism froths or snarls from their mouths.

Frankly, these stealth imperialists would more accurately be described in the US, as "the new KKK" and in Europe, as "the New Nazis", given their fascist-style supremacist ideology which mocks as weak the Golden Rule and aims to set up a ghastly religion-based apartheid system with their Muslim Ubermenschen on top and dhimmis and all women on the bottom.

Update (May 2, 2012): We see someone has scrubbed this evidence of Islamic barbarism off the Tube. Hate speech or not, we doubt that censorship can really alleviate the problem. Better to see and hear the fox claw at the hen house, than to awaken one day to a stealth and tragic loss...

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