Why China Wants War With America

China Has Time To Return

China Has Time To Return

The news is grim. Yet another deathly scandal involving poisonous imports from China. Thanks to the vain-glorious global capitalists who shipped the bulk of American industry overseas, much of it to China, we have been poisoned by plastics, paints, food, and now medical supplies coming from the world's most populated nation. And then there is the enormous trade imbalance the US suffers at the hands of the Chinese.

The United States and China share the most imbalanced bilateral trade relationship in the world. The United States imports more goods from China than it exports to a tune of $202 billion dollars each year. All told, China alone accounts for nearly 26% of the United States' $725.8 billion trade deficit.

China's quest for superpower status can turn trade partnership into nothing less than World War III.

Ed Timperlake and Jed Babbin think this is a recipe for war. In their book—Showdown: Why China Wants War with the United States—these two former defense experts lay it out for us. They detail China's aggressive military buildup, revealing how it has been even more rapid than that of Nazi Germany before World War II. They also expose China's military and commercial maneuvering to outflank the United States—much as the Soviet Union tried to do at the height of the Cold War.

But Babbin and Timperlake, both of whom are military veterans, do much more than just offer expert analysis. In a dramatic style worthy of Tom Clancy, they take you into the field with Navy SEALs and Air Force bomber pilots, invite you inside the war councils at the White House and the Pentagon, and peer within China's own Politburo in an exciting—and all too likely— series of war scenarios stretching from a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in 2008 to its extension of total control over the Pacific region within a few years. This is by no means an exercise in fiction: these disturbing, gripping scenarios are based on the latest and most reliable intelligence—and they make clear that China is an immense and immediate threat to America's national security.

If we don't stop China now, the coming war could engulf the entire world (particularly since the Chinese post-Communist regime is happy to make common cause with the forces of the worldwide Islamic jihad). Provocative, thrilling, exhaustively documented and sobering, Showdown is a wake-up call for our elected officials—and for everyone who loves America.

Details of the run-up to war with China:

  • How China is already working to increase the number of America’s enemies and decrease the number of America’s friends
  • The growing social problem in China that could weaken the regime’s grip on power—or could lead straight to World War III
  • The unholy alliance between Communist China and the warriors of the global Islamic jihad—and how it could result in a war with the United States over Middle Eastern oil
  • A little-noted front of the global conflict between China and the United States: Latin America (especially oil-rich Venezuela)
  • Why a Chinese attack on Taiwan would spark a conflagration in the Pacific larger than anything since World War II
  • How the Communist Chinese have carefully gauged how to liberalize the Chinese economy while maintaining Communist control of the government
  • An anti-Communist revolution in China? Why this is extremely unlikely, even though the internal threat to the Beijing regime is substantial
  • Cyber-warfare: its many forms, and why Japan and the United States are so vulnerable to cyber attacks from China
  • How China spends billions a year on the most modern aircraft, missiles, submarines, and electronics that it can obtain—and steals what it can’t buy, through its enormous espionage campaign against the United States, a story Fox News only broke today
  • A second Korean War? Why it’s likely—only this time, the madmen in North Korea have nukes
  • Disquieting similarities between the rhetoric of the Chinese regime today and that of the Japanese in the run-up to World War II

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