Muslims Rioting In Nigeria Murder Christians

Dead Christians After Muslims Riot in Nigeria

Dead Christians After Muslims Riot in Nigeria

KANO, Nigeria—Hundreds of Muslims took to the streets of this northern Nigerian city on Sunday (4/20), attacking Christians and their shops and setting vehicles on fire on claims that a Christian had blasphemed Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Nigeria burns. Same excuse. Christians die. Nothing to do for the West but turn a blind eye. It's traditional. Fact. Thousands of Christians were trapped in churches until police dispersed rioters. Fact. Fearing that Muslims may attack again, many Christians have relocated to army and police barracks in the city. Supposition. An as yet unidentified Christian was said to have written an inscription on a shop wall that disparaged the prophet of Islam. Muslims at a market in the Sabon Garia area of the city reportedly attacked the Christian, whom police rescued and took to the area police station. Muslims in large numbers soon trooped to the police station, threatening to set it ablaze unless officers released the Christian to be stoned to death in accordance with sharia (Islamic law), sources said. Police were able to disperse the mob.

“A Christian trader was accused of making some blasphemous inscriptions against Muhammad in his shop by his Muslim colleagues, who pounced on him,” Baba Mohammed, Kano police spokesman, said in a special radio broadcast.

He said the accused Christian escaped from being lynched and ran to the police station seeking protection, adding, “We had to move him to the police headquarters here in Kano for protection.” Police have arrested some of the Muslim rioters, he said, adding that an investigation is underway.

“We have made several arrests of persons suspected of attempting to breach the peace while the suspect [accused Christian] is in our custody pending conclusion of the investigation,” Mohammed said. Nnamdi Ike, a Christian who witnessed the disturbances, told Compass in Kano that Muslim claims that a Christian painted an inscription insulting Muhammad were false. “Christians have always been attacked on false claims of blasphemy,” Ike said. “No Christian wrote anything against Muhammad or Islam. It is all a lie. They just made this up to find a reason to attack us.”..

Foolish leftists and Islamic apologists think that these 'touchy' masses of Muslims leave that touchiness on the boat when they step on the western shores. They do not, they bring it with them. Coming to America is the environmental cure that does not work, because you have to bring yourself with you. They bring with them the Quran, hadith, Sharia, and all that means, and a high degree of touchiness if you don't like it. It's only a matter of time till the brazen feel brazen enough to express their touchiness here as well.

But, despite this obvious misanthropy, collective silence in the media and from our elected leaders continues to put our entire nation at risk. Mark Steyn wrote, "The Islamists open up a new front every day without even batting an eye."

Truth in a nutshell—these Islamic thugs are perpetually outraged and constantly seeking to fight against anything deemed un-Islamic. Morality is turned upside down. Contemplation is forbidden. Chanting is mandatory. Trying to understand their grievances is impossible because none are rational and they manifest at the slightest breeze no matter how much coddling the West provides in terms of money, friendship, and fresh starts.

Presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, insists he is a Christian but has been remarkably silent about Muslim attacks on Christians in southern Sudan—he's had the past 20 years to notice that particular on-running mass-murder that began two decades before the Darfur killings, which also can be ascribed to the promptings, not of Islam, but of the Arab supremacism that is part of Islam. We should be concerned about the whole continent of Africa. Many countries there are potential takeover targets for the Islamofacists because there are so few stable governments in Africa.

In fact, all three of the candidates need to speak clearly about this issue. We don't care about Obama's particular tactical reasons to motivate his speaking out on Islam, Darfur, Biafra, "Palestine", restive southern Thailand, teddy-bear-jihad, and all the rest. We are not Obama supporters, but the whisper-campaign against him is not the way to have an intelligent debate about Islam and jihad.

None of them gets a free pass. Every one of the three remaining candidates must be dragged, kicking and screaming, to the podium and forced to say give us the depth of discussion about "Islam" that circumstances require. This silence is an elephant in the outhouse.

And our friend James Martel speaks out, "I would speculate that it was this very process that led to the defensive Christian crusades against Islam. Islam shows itself again and again that it is unable to live with and mutually honor the dignity of its neighbors. This is because of their noble Qur'an which preaches animosity towards all until only Muslims exist on earth. Consider the lynching comment. We are to Muslims as blacks are to the KKK. As long as we play the good uncle Tom, we are good little dhimmis. The first sign of interest in a Muslim woman, or of not liking Muslim rule, and WHAM, there is false witness, rioting, raping, looting, lynching and beheading."

Frankly, we need to take off the kid gloves. The more we learn about Islam, the more we believe its utter lack of respect for non-Muslim dignity is worthy of scorn, retribution, and total defeat.

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