Ugliness By Peaceniks, Again


Tom Tancredo

HATE SPEECH OR FREE expression of ideas? Depends on which goal line you are defending. As we know here at the Project, both teams, each with their funny-looking uniforms and logos can dip rich and rude into the smear jar, using all sorts of unsportsmanlike conduct to further their objectives. But the Left seems especially gifted in this area, although admittedly the Right often comes off far too smug in resting on its amnesiac laurels for the common man to stomach.

So here we go again...

Violence erupted at a Michigan law school last week when protestors tried to block a speech by Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. Police were called after protestors pulled a fire alarm prior to the speech on immigration policies. There were at least three violent incidents with protestors targeting student backers of the event, Tancredo, a Republican from Littleton, CO, said today.

"One was spit on, one was kicked, and one was punched," Tancredo said in an e-mail. "Tires were also slashed."

Tancredo was booked at Michigan State University College of Law as part of a visit to the state to talk about immigration reform. Michigan State University College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom sponsored the event. He leads the group that opposes legal status for illegal immigrants.

The MSU college newspaper reported that protesters carried signs reading "Ignorant Racist" outside the room where the speech was held. They were not allowed in with the signs, the paper said. It also reported that about 40 people attended the speech.

The same kind of disruption happened at Ivy League Columbia University when the Minuteman Project came and mayhem ensued. We were expecting the same outbursts and "sanctioned hatred" tomorrow at Ann Arbor against the Lebanese-American Brigitte Gabriel, but with more stalwart protection this time, her speech was delivered without controversy. However, this has become a sickening pattern across universities and media outlets everywhere: to silence anyone speaking in defense of America, Israel and Western civilization.

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