The Show Me State Under Religious Assault



MISSOURI doesn't spring to mind when one thoughtfully ponders the American Islamic question, but the state is at the forefront of legislative action in making sure American law is the ONLY LAW that will rule its citizens. In Jefferson City, the Missouri House passed a bill that they hope will work in prohibiting state courts from using or recognizing Sharia law. The bill passed the Missouri House Wednesday on a 102-51 vote.

The legislation, which was sponsored by state Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, bans Missouri courts from utilizing foreign law or legal code in any ruling. Although it never specifically mentions the words “Sharia” or “Islam," Wednesday’s debate focused almost exclusively on Sharia law, which is the religious law of Islam.

“This bill is not all about Sharia Law,” Curtman said. "It’s Sharia Law, French law, Dutch law or anything else.”

Missouri's statehouse went red in the 2010 elections, with the exception of Governor Jay Nixon (D) whose term had not expired. Nixon said he won't sign this bill, but Republicans have a super-majority now so we don't care.

There was recently a row here over a woman wearing the burqa, hijab, and niqab in a store. The manager got fired over it, and a local radio host castigated the manager over disrepecting "religious garb." He used only the term 'burqa' to describe her dress.

The woman's husband agreed with the radio fool that nuns would also be targeted. But nuns don't cover their faces. Right now Republicans are trying to pass a picture ID for voting. This is part of it.

This incident occured in Manchester, MO, a suburb where the Dar al-Islam mosque is located. Every Friday is Halloween there now and stores are tired of these masked, fully covered creatures billowing in. The store manager said he could not verify her identity for a purchase, and HE WAS FIRED.


And to echo what has been said rather eloquently by us and many others: We believe that our Constitution and laws exist to protect this nation—they do not grant rights and privileges to enemies in wartime. In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them.

Good Bye America

Once something has been labeled a religion, no American will question, challenge or think objectively about it. Call yourself a religion and Americans turn into zombies letting you do anything you want, even “kill them”. The greatest military power in world history lays supine, lily livered, gutless and enfeebled, and it’s all because we have wrongly given Islam the protected status of a RELIGION. “Good Bye America it’s been nice knowin ya” Surely, this is the bleakest hour in American history when our nation cannot tell friend from foe, nor religion from invader.

There is no doubt that we Americans suffer from a collective mental illness, mental block, emotional imbalance, and psychological disorder, precipitated every time we hear the word religion. Let’s call it schizo-religionitis. Mention the word “religion” and we immediately become deaf, dumb and blind, suspending all rational thought and common sense. Here is the childishly insane logic Americans apply to their criteria for a religion:

Apple juice is a liquid and drinking a cup is good for you; therefore drinking a cup of hemlock must be good for you because it is also a liquid.

Read it all here, please. Strengthen yourself and shepherd your family. Instill in the them the original spirit of America, and know that we can work this mess out if we each give everything we got to save our nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Remember that individual Muslims are human beings trapped under a pernicious spell of evil and death, even as the beautiful ones smile, and the dogged ones snear. But also know that plotting beneath both facades is the raging lion of Islam, not radical Islam, but simply Islam.

Islam is the enemy, just as Monarchism, Communism, Fascism, and Naziism were our enemies. Accordingly, just as not all Japanese or Germans or Italians, or Russians or American Southerners were drunk on power and aggression, continental Americans took precautions, and defeated them each in their turn. Now comes Islam and do not be fooled for Islam is no pushover.

The political nature of Mohammedism has been practicing its dark arts of total aggression over the human spirit for 1400 years, having destroyed and consumed numerous cultures large and small along the way, and for the past sixty years has had its eyes set on the West with no intention of playing nice, but gripped with a lust for world domination in mind all along since its inception. This is not conjecture, but our own immediate future.

Therefore we must insist that it is now Islam's turn to be defeated, if possible destroyed, stripped of its power, redeemed for its humanity, and its survivors allowed to nurse and heal in proper countenance so that they may return to the promises we all seek, but can rarely find in our struggle against each other after being poisoned with words.

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