The Risky Business Of Peace In Our Lifetime

THE WASHINGTON TIMES has posted an editorial that does not actually break through the wall of voodoo that cloaks our Western media from the truth, the same truth that anyone with an ounce of initiative can verify at the local library or online using a treasure basket of sources, but they've pricked it. They've named the liar in the room.


Penetrating Influence on Education

How long, we ponder, before this conservative daily newspaper forgets its bold stroke of relevance, or more to the point, why aren't they screaming this fundamental information on the front page on every issue that hits the street until a scandal breaks out in citizen outrage, spreading across America to snatch the masks off these imposters, finally awakening the sleeping giant that is America? Islam is without question a proud ideology of the sword, for the sword, and by the sword. It's not rocket science to predict that Islam on the march will continue to practice various passive-aggressive strategies of gesticulative deceit, influence, and infiltration that strategically overwhelmed forces have used in the past, including our own colonial and American forces in an attempt to defeat a targeted enemy. On the one hand numerous Jihadi have been colorfully clear in announcing who, what, why, and when that enemy must fall.

Israel and the West are the prime targets. Little Satan and Big Satan is what they are programmed to despise and devour. Why? Because we are miserable houses worthy of death. Monkeys and pigs in the great scheme of things. When? Oh, they've been at it for a long time, and boast of winning because they love death while we love life. And they believe there are more of them than there are of us. Pure demographics. We lose. They win. It's that simple.

On the other hand, a well-equipped army of well-placed operatives enter the elite arena dripping with tidings of peace which quickly turn to masterful scoldings when things don't favor their plan to subvert without arousing suspicion or if anyone dares to impune the integrity of their ideology. It's textbook Islamic war after all, snipped right out of the war manual called the Qu'ran, and so much the better that the West is suffering a personality crisis in refusing to admit to itself she is involved up to her soon to be smited neck in a ruthless war, and had better come to her senses while she still can muster up the courage to resist her attacker.

So why doesn't some newspaper blow the whistle on these master swindlers among us who take us American citizens as fools, even as they execute plans to do much the same to us as they have done to every population they have infiltrated and emerged with the upper hand these past 1400 years when the fruit was ripe for the picking? Look around the globe. Muslims are doing what they've always done when the opportunity for aggression is favorable. Has the entire West been brought to its knees in a whimper without even recognizing how the enemy fights its interestingly modern yet timeless battles of conquest? Oi vey.

Of course, we know the answer to that question is that not every Muslim is out to cut off your head and steal your girlfriend. Therein lies the trouble. Not every snake in the grass is poisonous, but...

Here is a clip of the Times editorial:

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

The pope said he regrets any hurt feelings, but some Muslims want more contrition. Sheik Yusef Abu Hussein, mufti of Karak in Jordan, said, "We wanted him to clearly apologize. What the pope said about the prophet Muhammad is untrue. Islam did not spread through the power of sword. It's a religion of tolerance and faith." A recent post on a jihadist Web site took a somewhat different tone, denouncing "this cursed Pope" and calling on its readers to "strive to kill him, strive to slaughter him." That Muslim poster must have missed the sermon on tolerance and faith.

Paleologus, the Byzantine emperor, was something of an authority on Muslim military power. He spent much of his reign defending his hard-pressed realm from the predatory Ottoman Empire. Before ascending to the throne, he spent a year in the court of Sultan Bayezid I as an honorary hostage and was forced to accompany the Ottoman army that conquered Philadelphia, the last Christian bastion in Anatolia. The city was renamed Alasehir, the city of Allah.

Those who object to the idea that Islam was spread by the sword are not at war with Pope Benedict but with history. What are now called Muslim lands used to be Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian lands. Force was the key element in the rapid expansion of the caliphate in the century between the death of Muhammad in 632 and the Muslim defeat at the hands of the Franks in the Battle of Tours in 732 in what is now southern France. The rules of engagement were laid down in the Hadith Sahih Muslim 19:4294, which instructs Muslims to offer any unbelievers they encounter three choices: to convert, pay tribute or be forcibly subjugated.

Read it all.

No matter how many peaceniks dance of the head of a pin, there will come a time when each of these angels will melt away if they can at the approach of darkness. A candle can light the darkness but the breath of the beast or thegentlest breeze can quickly extinguish it. Sometimes force must address force because tolerance of the intolerant is tyranny. And foolishness in the darkness of peace is a risky option.

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