The Presidential Race Heats Up


Sarah Palin

NEWS THAT DEMOCRATIC presidential nominee Barack Obama'shome state of Illinois has had its unemployment rates jump to 7.3% cannot be helpful in his bid for the White House. Illinois employers eliminated a total of 9,700 jobs statewide during the month of July, state officials said today, pushing the Illinois unemployment rate leaped from 6.8 percent to 7.3 percent—the state’s highest jobless level in almost 15 years. The national unemployment rate is 5.6 percent.

McCain needs to shoot off a few ads...

“Obama says he can manage the economy but look at his state, Illinois, crime up, unemployment over 7.3% and Sen Obama’s been missing in action in the Senate for the state he was voted to serve. That's change you dont want.”

And let's have Sarah Palin lean into the microphone to say something like:

“I’d like Senator Obama to explain how the lives of the people of Illinois have changed for the better since he was elected to serve them.” Because here is how the lives of Alaskans have improved under my administration.” And start ticking the accomplishments off. “I did not use my office as a mere stepping stone to greater glory. I served my constituents, as I was elected to do, and that is exactly what I would do as Vice President.”

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