The Meaning Of Mayor Freddie's Words


Brussels mayor Freddie Thielemans

Io the mayor of Brussels, Freddie Thielemans, refused to issue a permit for a September 11 march on the EU headquarters to protest the continuing Islamization of Europe on the grounds that he could not guarantee the marchers' safety. Only NOW do we know what those simple, hardly difficult to parse, words really meant. Not safety from crazed Muslim youths attacking with sword and swagger shouting Allah Akbar with every step!

No, it turns out he was not talking about the immigrant population, but what he meant was he could not guarantee these mostly indigenous Europeans any safety from the fully loaded stormtroopers he called out against the mere handful of 200 peaceful, middle-aged marchers. The mayor had banned the protest, held on the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US.

Police arrested two far-right political leaders at a protest against the "Islamisation of Europe". Frank Vanhecke and Filip Dewinter of the Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party. Vlaams Belang has recently been critical of Muslim immigration to Belgium. Police clashed with some of the 200 demonstrators and dozens more people were reported to have been arrested.

The protest organisers had promised a large turn-out, but the approximately 200 protesters were nearly outnumbered by police and reporters.

All in all, the police and the government in Brussels acted criminally, since they refuse to carry out their basic role of protecting the rule of law and protecting the polity. That they would attack law abiding citizens gathered in a peaceful demonstration to protest a foreign threat indicates that Brussel's secret plan is Islamization. What were these enforcers paid? And by whom?

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