The Demographic Winter (Or Summer Snowman)


Abortion or contributing to global overpopulation and dwindling resources...

REMEMBER THE 1970s FEAR of the scary global population bomb? Just warming up to the new demographic winter. Now we are being told that we must deal with the world population implosion. Not enough workers. Abort that girl or face child abuse charges. Global cooling, global warming. This God, that God. This way of worship, that way of worship, This food, that food. Free speech, Orwellian speech, conservative speech is not allowed here. World hunger, obesity nations. Undereducated, no jobs for you. Overeducated, no jobs for you either. Diversity groups, no whites allowed. This drug, that drug. Carbon footprint calisthenics, China's smog castles. Government disinterest, government over-reach. What's the bloody difference as long as somebody has a job telling somebody else to jump onto some new bandwagon. What's the alternative to a world bloated with alternatives? That's easy.

No alternatives at all. Go man, go.

—Gabriel Thy

© 2009 - 2014, Gabriel Thy. All rights reserved.

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