The 2 Per Cent Solution

SOON AFTER 9/11 we began to hear about Islam, the peaceful religion. The whole concept seems so ludicrous, but it filled the media. Can you imagine someone calling Buddhism, the peaceful religion? It is like saying circles, the round figure. Yes, but isn't it what you would expect?

When scholars use the term, it is usually in quotes, "peaceful Islam", to express the irony of the name. However, in working with the manuscript of my work-in-progress, Waging Ideological War, I realized that there actually was a peaceful Islam without the quotes.

The Sira is Mohammed's biography (sira is an Arabic word that means biography, but Sira is reserved for Mohammed) and has three versions by three authors. The most definitive is by Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah, translated by A. Guillaume as The Life of Muhammad. It is a difficult book to read and that is why "Mohammed and Unbelievers" was created so that the content would be available to the average reader.

The Sira is the only thing that allows us to understand the Koran, since it allows us to sort out which verse in the Koran is earlier or later.

Today, the home of Mohammed has the most intolerant political system in the world. Jews have not been in Saudi Arabia for 1400 years. Christians are allowed to pray in their homes, but there cannot be any public display of their faith, such as wearing a cross or carrying a Bible in public. Practically speaking, Arabia is a religious apartheid state. But before Mohammed, the Arabs of Mecca had 360 religions in the city. It is the inherent nature of polytheist religions to be tolerant, so when Mohammed came along with his new religion and new god, the Meccans could have cared less. Tolerance had been their way since the beginning of time.

Islam is not only a religion, but a complete civilization. Not one thing inside of Islam is identical to kafir civilization. Thus, the process of becoming Islamic means that the most fundamental basis of a civilization must change. Tolerance was the door that Mohammed came through and closed behind him. Tolerance in Arabia vanished after Mohammed.

After Mohammed announced he was a prophet, there were no problems in Mecca. Mohammed was quiet and spread his message to friends and family. There were no problems with anyone. The Sira devotes 13 pages of text to this peaceful stage of his being a prophet. The Sira is an 800-page book, but the actual material devoted to Mohammed as the prophet of Allah is 577 pages. Do the math; 13 pages out of 577 pages are 2% of the Sira.

On the 13th page, a Muslim picks a weapon during an argument with a Meccan kafir and bloodies him with a blow to the head. So much for peaceful Islam. For the next 163 pages, 28% of the text, Mohammed argues on a daily basis. It is not that Mohammed is right, but all kafirs are wrong about everything. He even tells the Meccans that their parents are burning in Hell because they did not submit to Islam. He threatens the Meccans, "I will bring you slaughter." Mohammed is pushy, belligerent, argumentive and rude. He is relentless. On a daily basis, he is down at the kabah, a social as well as a religious center, and is constantly in the Meccans' face.

The Meccans wanted to harm Mohammed, but he was protected by his powerful uncle. But when his uncle died, the Meccans drove him out of town. In Medina, the next phase of the Sira deals with jihad, killing kafirs. That takes up 401 pages, 70% of the text.

Based upon the Sira, Islam is 2% peace, 28% argument and threats, and 70% jihad. If the Sira were a two-hour movie, then the peaceful part would last for nearly 3 minutes, the fist fights, brawls, arguments and threats would last 34 minutes and the killing would take up 83 minutes. But the movie ends with the beaten kafirs saying that they will do whatever Mohammed wants, if he will only stop the jihad.

So remember, actually Islam is peaceful, a full 2% peaceful, and if we're good dhimmis, we won't mention the other 98%.

—Bill Warner

Say it ain't so, Mo! Just a quick glance at the raw statistics says volumes about the psychologically-crippled beginnings of this so-called religion called Islam, which is a totalitarian political ideology masked in religion's dirty rags. This is the cult of personality writ larger and more perversely than any ever experienced in the history of man as we know it, bar none. Not even Jesus the Nazarene held court in such a personally aggrandizing way as this desert warlord, Mohammed. Jesus and Mohammed are opposites. But that's not the issue here.

The solid evidence of Islamic malfeasance now aimed at the West and ALL war-ravaged parts of the globe under fire in these times as presented in the Bellicose Augur and its profile of well-researched sources clearly maps out a gruesome picture of what is happening, what has ALWAYS happened, and what will happen one day in your very own hometown, if the West does not wake up and demand a more profound defense from this invading ideological beast than our elected leadership is currently providing. Here's a clue just to get started to help us turn back the intoxicated tide of multiculturalism gone mad.

Stop Islamic immigration now! Link Islam to its fascist roots and its 20th century reboot with Nazi Germany. That we could finally name the enemy in the same strict terms they use to describe themselves would offer us infidels some hope to which we can cling and some solid ground from which we must fight in this continuing battle...

The sooner, the less bloodier, the less bloodier, the better...

Simple math.

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