Tancredo Comes On Strong In Debate

Tom Tancredo, while not the most fluent man on the '08 campaign trail, turned in a steady stream of talking points, including his well-known anti-Islamic stance, in the September 5 New Hampshire debate* broadcast on Fox News. In my opinion, Ron Paul was quite keen to make his points, and effective as far as the debate was concerned, even quite articulate and chock full of common sense concerning the proper use of what's remaining of American military might. Unfortunately, while on September 12, 2001, I probably would have agreed with the whole of his isolationist agenda (and still do to some degree), today is a much scarier world both overseas and at home thanks to not a few mishaps of the Bush administration, and I have suspicions that Paul is too attached to peace at any cost.

I was also impressed with Congressman Duncan Hunter of California.

You can call it mysticism if you want to, but I have always believed that there was some divine plan that placed this great continent between two oceans to be sought out by those who were possessed of an abiding love of freedom and a special kind of courage.Ronald Reagan

* Policy debate is a form of speech competition in which teams of two advocate for and against a resolution that typically calls for policy change by the United States federal government. It is also called cross-examination debate (sometimes shortened to Cross-X, CX, or C-X) because of the 3-minute questioning period following each constructive speech. Affirmative teams generally present a plan as a proposal to implement the resolution. The negative will generally try to prove that it would be better not to do the plan or that the opportunity costs to the plan are so great that it should not be implemented.

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