We Failed To Heed His Advice

he John Birch Society (JBS) is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, and a constitutional republic. It has been described as radical right, and from its earliest days has faced much ridicule and derision from mainstream and leftist opposition. However, it's obvious that we failed to heed the advice Welch offered in this video, and now we are paying dividends to those forces he rightfully opposed. Established in Indianapolis, Indiana, on December 9, 1958, by a group of 12 led by Robert Welch, Jr., a retired candy manufacturer from Belmont, Massachusetts. Welch named the new organization...

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With Just Cause And Full Effect

I AM SUPPORTING only one organization to stop this president's healthcare program: the League of American Voters. And I am encouraging concerned Americans to funnel their support to the League as their main venue for donations with just cause and full effect. I believe the League has the most effective program to confront directly and stop Obama's ruthless and radicalized healthcare takeover plan. Obama is moving to ram through Congress his plan and all our resources need to be focused to stop him. Also read the League's urgent message below! Dear Supporter: n our last message, we warned that Obama...

Same Sad Tale Of Greed And Domination But We Like It

HIS IS THE HOUSE that fell on the mouse that Jill and her best friend Jack built. Or something like that. Well, it's gobble gobble gobble super-corporation time again! Capitalism eats its own young again. Damn! And I'm such a big fan of capitalism, too. Why does it have to be this way? Why does it always move toward brutal corporatism and homogeneity? I've never uncovered the answer to this mystery? Surely the flaw is not in the blueprint, but is a conscious decision made at some point along the growth baseline. In other words, the capital enterprise doesn't have...

Counting Votes Properly Matters To Women

OURTEEN THOUSAND DEMOCRATIC volunteers are turning against Obama. This woman is correct. Voter fraud is a major concern for ALL Americans. Counting votes properly matters to women of both parties. We seem to be swept up in another rather frightening tide in our nation's brief history. Let's welcome, and study diligently our candidates so that we can vote appropriately.

Gravel On Palin

UST WHEN YOU THINK the political ball couldn't bounce any wackier, here comes former Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) with a lot of good things (and zero BAD THINGS) to say about the pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. Indeed, quite a shocker! Thanks Senator. I was appalled at an earlier rant I heard from you a few months ago, but this interview is the most level-headed piece of political speech I have witnessed from the peace movement Left in quite some time.