Name This Manifesto The Old Millstone Around My Neck

ASHINGTON, DC—DATELINE OCTOBER 27, 2003. Forging an identity in these uncertain times is not an easy task for someone who has prided himself on his independence, first and foremost, from most of the reckoning powers pursuing his support or demise, whichever comes first. As a result of this hesitancy, the Scenewash Project has little to promote but is simply a slowly developing critical work-in-progress concerned foremost with identifying in fresh terms the strategic forces now influencing the corrosive state of American politics, its public policies, both foreign and domestic, and in postulating, after careful consideration of the formidable body of...

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Sad Thoughts, True Thoughts

totally diverse nation is not a nation in any meaningful way, for the concept of a nation is a shared language and culture. Sad thoughts, true thoughts. For all practical purposes, a common culture means a common religion or national character. It is interesting but maudlin to note that the desire to socially engineer a "diverse nation" is only prevalent among the political elite of the West. Nowhere else is such a pedantic idiocy given any currency. Personal identity, and by natural extension, one's "herd identity" is one of the most arresting, and primary psychological compulsions of human consciousness. It...

Britain's Fascinating Muslim Artist

ere's an interesting link to an interview of a young British Muslim, who also happens to be an artist named Sarah Maple who questions with audacity and style the conflicting aspects of her own identity. Excellent interview. An intelligent woman, and exquisitely sardonic rising young artist, Maple's talent, humility, and intensity of spirit should take her far. She paints in a rather straight-forward pop style. Using language as a hammer and anvil she pounds and reshapes popular notions about feminism, gender, nudity, race, art, crowd dynamics, and other stereotypes, often brazenly against the dangerous backdrop of her own Islamic heritage.