Tale Of Two Candidates

ND JUST FOR KICKS, let's have a look at the respective tax plans of the two candidates. ABC news posted this comparison. In general: So if you’re voting based on the tax proposals a candidate is making — there you go. ABC promises more on this tomorrow morning on “Good Morning America.”

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War Coverage Shrinks As Success Grows

HERE IS AN AMAZING STAT, a veritable sparkle in the eye of the beholder theory we call media bias. Unfortunately, no data from the right-leaning FOX News was included. From an article by Confederate Yankee: eality, however, does not have a leftward bias (neither does it have a rightward bias). Reality, like nature, seeks equilibrium... balance. The reaction of the newsworks is simple when reality intrudes on the narrative: they dispute it, then they ignore it, and if they can no longer ignore it, they pretend that they never held a contrary position. Presently, the falloff in news coverage in...