Stoned On Islam

More quips from the defense underground that will no doubt one day be recognized as the ideological frontline against the menace of Islamic aggression that is in place against the West.


If looks could kill...

Writes a woman named Darcy from somewhere in these here United States, "It's amusing—but it's also very patronizing to listen to a Muslim, or worse, a non-Muslim apologist try to convince me that I'M the problem and not their religion; that my perspective and my attitude is the thing that needs to change, not their evil and revolting religion."

She continues, "Reminds me of dealing with a drug addict. These abusers use the same bullshit tactics in trying to convince you that YOU are the problem and not their addiction, and they will trot you down one mindwarping alley after another in an attempt to steer you away from the truth— their addiction. They will go to incredible lengths to protect the reputation of their addiction and substance of choice, as if protecting their very own life.

"Stoned on Islam? Just Say No!"

One must always remember that in Islam, any member (Muslim) of the umma (the Islamic uber-religion), regardless of his crimes, is innocent and non-Muslims, regardless of their innocence, are guilty. These are the umma's well-documented battlelines in their "war for Allah" (Dar-al-harb). Almost all Muslim "concern" for non-Muslims is a deception (taqiyya) in the cause of Jihad.

Tough habits to break. Did anyone catch Barack Obama's phraseology the other day?

His referring to the inhabitants of America as "Muslims, Jews, Christians and non-believers" did it for me. There seems to be some secret code in that word order. Did you notice it?

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