Severing Islam From The Fevers Which Harm All

Islam Protests

Islam Protests

ON THE TIN PLATED HEELS OF AN ANNOUNCEMENT, surprising many, by British prime minister Tony Blair that the country needed to debate the impact of Islam on British soil and modernism, I just watched an interesting report on CNN. They showed a large gathering of Muslims protesting outside a prominent Catholic church in London. They were protesting against the Pope. How long has this churlish tantrum been going on now, two, three weeks?

The Muslims were screaming obligatory death threats against anyone who dared speak out against their ruthless prophet or their Allah, carrying signs reading "Islam will defeat Rome."

Another scrawled placard read: Bush, Blair and the Pope = Evil Trinity

—and more of the usual rhetoric that is finally becoming recognized as the common political signature of Muslims spanning across the globe thanks to the latest wave of Islamic ascendency.

What struck me about this report is that they actually showed a few outraged British citizens who were brave enough to briefly say to hell with political correctness in order to argue with some of them. One man said: "Could you just imagine if WE were to protest and threaten like this, and in front of a mosque? Oh no, that would not be tolerated".

No, it wouldn't. We would have our heads cut off. Perhaps Britain will shake a leg, and imagine itself proper to the task in making a good debate after all.

This article is from the Scenewash Project archives, originally published in 2007.

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