Sarah Palin, Earmarks and the Rigors of Saddle Burn

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Sarah Palin Making The Grade

SURE, CERTAIN EARMARKS go to good projects, but the problem with any earmarks is that they aren’t deliberated by the legislative bodies like ordinary federal funding, but are attached to at the last minute to other important legislation so as to sneak them through in a horse-trading process. I’m not sure what the correct terminology is here, but this is the sentiment.

If an earmark actually funds a worthy project, say a bridge to somewhere, then why not vote on the funding on its own grounds into law via an up or down tally. Not all of the projects to which earmarks go are bad. But the whole system of earmarks is wrong, bogus, and corrupt. Additionally, our elected representatives should not be able to spend tax dollars on items that do not go into the budget and circumvent the procedures of common decency. Earmarks completely avoid accountability, and must be severed from the process.

I like Sarah Palin. I like her as an individual personality. I like her as a catalyst to constitutional principles. I like her as a conservative, can-do politician. It should be plain that it's the so-called "national" media that is worthy of our fear and our loathing. In the beginning she was out of her element and they knew it.

All the harping on her weakness in foreign policy is an embarrassment to common sense. Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Rice are all “foreign policy experts” but how’d they manage our foreign relations? And Barack Obama had any experience? Mr. Nobel Prize winner himself is woefully out of his depth, stumbling about knee deep in olive branches akin to snapped kindling.

Look what he's done. Are we loved throughout the world yet? Do we have respect? I don’t think so. Furthermore, is there anyone who doubts that if one lives next door to another country which hardly an proven ally that she as governor of the largest state in the US is going to be hyperaware of the politics if only for one's constituents own protection?

Again, this is about framing the argument. The media continues in its puerile mocking of Gov. Palin without doing any heavy lifting whatsoever.

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