Praising The New Yorker Backfire


THE SIZZLING B&M OBAMA FAMILY CARTOON points out the total fraud that is known in the media ghettos as Political Correctness. Political Correctness is NOT about tolerating diverse viewpoints; it is actually a ploy by stealth fascists to push their agenda without being questioned about said agenda. And this agenda quite obviously does not include tolerance but is a totalitarian fixed idea, a hardline agenda with zero tolerance for opposing viewpoints.

The lynchpin of the "politically correct" belief system insists that the white male dominated culture is responsible for EVERY misdeed that society has committed. It's a metaphysical relief to watch the liberals get gored with their own ox. They created this monster, now they have to sit there and take it without complaint.

What the American people need (and should want) is a President who is confident and decisive in the face of adversity, not someone who whines, points fingers and responds defensively to mistakes and criticism with "that's not what I meant" or "stop picking on me and my wife."

Obama looks good and sounds good when he's well prepared, but his off-the-cuff performances get worse as time goes on, which explains why he rejected unscripted townhall meetings with John McCain in favor of unchallenged, prepared speeches in large-capacity venues. There's no doubt that our darling Obama is young and hip, so if the American people want a rock star standing between them and the bad guys, he's the candidate for whom to vote.

I'd like to see another New Yorker front page. The one that would top the Obama front page would have a picture of Yeshua the Nazarene on the left side and a picture of Mohammad on the right side.

It is hard to imagine that we might be on the verge of electing a president that everyone will be afraid to criticize. As a candidate we have already seen everybody tip toe around Obama it can only get worse if he is elected. Everyday the list gets longer of things that are off limits to discuss when it comes to Obama. If he is elected it will be like living in a nation with a Fidel Castro or Saddam Hussein as president whom no one dares to challenge or criticize. God help us!

I would leave it to the New Yorker editors to decide the degree of clownish representation of both individuals. It would be very interesting to see the response from Christians vs Muslims. These are the two largest religious groups in the world. How would each respond? How many Christian terrorists are in the US? How many Muslim terrorists are in the US? Would this bring them out? It's worth the test.

Obama talks about his love and respect for basic American beliefs, like working hard and loving one's country, in one of his TV ads. As the New Yorker flap illustrated, authenticating that claim is one of his biggest challenges.

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