Palestine Is A Region

Palestine, the Region

Palestine, the Region

JUST IN CASE the point has been missed, allow me to clarify that the ongoing opinion of The Bellicose Augur syncs with one I found floating about the ether this morning, and it goes like this: Israel belongs to Israel. The real “myth” here is Palestine. Palestine is a region, not a nation… and it never was. In fact, Israel shows more respect for the Palestinian people than all the other Islamic nations combined. Word of advice to my peacenik and anti-Israel friends. Don't be a doofus. And don't get snookered by the well-honed Arab propaganda machine. Grab a clue. Make the world safe for peace. The Arabs and their Islamicist battle hounds can't and won't. End of story.

P.S. The mainstream media's Michael Jackson swoonfest for days on end, drowning out any covert coverage of the brave Iranian people who were resisting their own violent totalitarian regime, nauseated me. The President Obama's response to the Iranian revolt kicked it up another level, compelling me to be ashamed of my country for the first time in MY life. But then, there's a lot of that going around these days...

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