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Sarah Palin gaining PUMA voters...

WELL, I TRIED TO STAKE MY CLAIM in common ground in this critically important election cycle by making contact with a rather impressive group of disenchanted Democratic voters, mostly women, calling themselves the PUMA movement (Party Unity MY Ass) with the following post to one of their most nurturing websites. Note also that my note was posted several hours BEFORE Governor Palin gave one of the most energizing political speeches I've heard in my lifetime, and that includes every single one of those delivered by the Anointed One, himself.

For those of you who have been living in a bubble, PUMA is a group of dedicated Hillary supporters who are horrified by the strong-armed tactics of the DNC, the liberal media cronies in on the fix, the Obama campaign with its burgeoning Obamabot youth brigades, and not least of all, Barack Obama himself as they tore through the primaries and national convention processes. The PUMA platform argues that all of these co-conspirators actively subverted the democratic process by stealing Senator Clinton's legitimate votes, manhandling Hillary and her delegates with gender-and-race based verbal and physical attacks, while overlooking many criminal or near criminal aspects of Obama and his political machine, and the list of grievances goes on forever. Just check the blogosphere for details. Here's my singular attempt at making friends with the PUMAs on their own turf.

I am a newcomer to The Confluence, and have been lurking for about four days, and have been immensely inspired, but this whole argument about Palin’s wholesale ambition getting in the way of her daughter’s privacy is rather bogus. Yes, as savvy political operatives, she, McCain, and the RNC, were probably well aware of the potential media frenzy to follow the announcerment of her candidacy, but shouldn’t the blame for this “media frenzy” be placed on those conducting the “media frenzy?” Not the victim.

And as some have pointed out here, it is quite possible that the Palin family indeed did vet this exposure issue in full knowledge of what would happen, and concluded that “life would go on” after the bloodthirsty media barbarians were finally quenched, and then dismissed by the public after being allowed to show the world what it truly means to hold to one’s own family values and strength of character.

Let’s face it. The people at this blog wish to send Obama back to from where he came. Perhaps the Palin family feels exactly the same way. I don’t think any of us will ever know the true motivations here of why Gov. Palin did not decline the invitation to join McCain, but perhaps, as an evangelical the idea to create an exciting enough ticket to do just what many PUMAs want to do was more than enough motivation. Gods will and all that…

But I must admit that to see Bristol Palin up on that stage (in photos only), she doesn’t seem to be “eating it up” as the saying goes.

I hope my intrusion ruffles no one here, and while I am a lifelong registered Independent in my early 50s, married male, uh, do have I to say white, but yes, I have tended to vote Republican or third party exclusively ev’ry four years, and with the addition of Palin, I am convinced to do so again, because I share the same moral outrage with what has happened to the democratic process exemplified by the collusion of the Obamacrux and the MSM as the PUMA Nation itself seems to be…

Best to all of you in this movement, and welcome to the Radical Center!

McCain/Palin ‘08

However, I was summarily ignored under suspicion of being just another Obamabot aiming to infiltrate their hallowed sanctuary. Quite unfortunate for both of us I think, as I was only reaching out to what I considered then, and still do, a strong ally in our mutual passion to see this Obama campaign permanently derailed, and the man himself sent to the dustbin of American political history. But, I will repeat myself here in wishing the PUMA movement all the strength of character EVERY decent American needs to muster in turning back this pernicious threat to our uniquely American democratic ideals.

Does that make me a Pale Lion? Today I am. Guess what? I ended up voting for Ron Paul. Before you go ballistic, just remember I live and vote in Washington, DC, Chocolate City, Democrat landslide country.

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