Never A Publicity Stunt, But Always From The Script


Christians Under Duress in Iraq

What did you expect? Islam is never a publicity stunt, but is always from the script. This is not the site for Bush apologetics or Liberal apologetics but for truth as it can possibly be discovered by keeping one's ears and eyes peeled to the information pushers. We may not be able to discover truth, but we may be more likely to weed out false narratives by this method. Perhaps the truth is Iraq has failed because nobody in the Bush camp of the Republican party wants to accept that Islam is the source of the problem in Iraq and not the string of picturesque dictators who claw and kill their way to the top of this wobbly regime. Even western-styled puppets cannot climb their way out of the Islam that creeps among the people they are supposed to rule like a poisonous salamander. As William Eaton in 1799 wrote upon seeing Tunis and Islam stated...

        "They are abject slaves to the despotism of their
        government, and they are humiliated by tyranny,
        the worst of all tyrannies, the despotism of
        priestcraft. They live in more solemn fear of the
        frowns of a bigot who has been dead and rotten
        above a thousand years, than of the living despot
        whose frown would cost them their lives."

So what that Saddam is gone. The true dictator lives on. He preaches in every mosque and in every home in Islamic lands. His book the Quran and his system of Islamic government lives on.

—Great Comet of 1577

The attitude that "I know this one guy" or "I met a really reliable Iraqi officer in Mosul" or, well, fill in the blank. There is the Gunga-Din problem, the sentimentalism of those who focus on the one or two, or even a dozen, genuinely trustworthy and loyal Iraqis they met in person, and do not focus on the millions who don't quite fit the same bill.

It is Islam that mandates a state of permanent war—though not always open warfare when Muslims are too weak or can obtain the same goals more effectively through other instruments—between Believers and Infidels. In such a war, as in all wars, one does not make policy based on the exceptions, rather than the rule. One did not soften the blows against Nazi Germany because there was the White Rose resistance of the Scholls, or because there was here and there an Oskar Schindler. One did not change policy toward the Soviet Union because within that Soviet Union there were such people as Andrey Sakharov and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, because the Soviet state, the Red Army, the Communist Party, was the culprit that required modification.

Islam is never a publicity stunt, but always from the script...

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