Nixing Those Troubling Facts


Each injured soldier will end up costing about $2M...

THE NOTION THAT THE US is imperialistic is absurd. Have we invaded Canada or Mexico (and don't even try that ridiculous Atzlan notion)? Did we annex West Germany after WWII? Every other superpower in world history has expanded their borders through invasion and conquest? The Romans did. The British did. We haven't. We stopped at California in the 1840's. We're the exception. We could invade Mexico and be in South America in a week. That's what imperialists do. Shows how clueless and/or dishonest liberals are. Don't let the facts get in the way.

"What a pathetic joke academia has become. I had a mix of liberal and conservative professors in the early 1980's at a small Catholic college outside of Boston. Where's the diversity on campus now?"

Quoted from a comments section on Front Page for its peculiar and rather quaint notion that America is getting a bad rap. Of course I agree with those sentiments, although I understand why the battleground is bloody. It's bloody because all the marbles are up for grabs. Its the syzygy of race, religion, and riches, the contemporary Three R's that cries out for a solution, a solution anyone with a POV seems prepared to shred in its fervor to create this NEW ONE in its own image.

But back to the purported imperialism of America. I might also add how utterly imperialistic it is that we give billions of dollars in foreign aid, and run up huge trade deficits with most of our major trading partners in an attempt to what? conquer them? I agree that America's cultural dinner table needs to be reined back to our own bunkhouses. But while we're on this topic, let's be damned sure that we insist that the Arabs and other misguided Islamists, Communists, and Assorted Gutter Fascists must do the same.

And now, let's parse the polarization that the American ideal has created with a few words from David Horowitz, yes, THAT David Horowitz:

"One of the best justice's in the country is black female Janice Rogers Brown. But she loves the Constitution and the Democrats would never, ever confirm her to the HIgh Court. How about Hispanic justice Miguel Estrada? President Bush nominated him for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The Democrats filibustered his nomination to death. Estrada finally pulled his name from consideration. The democ-rats aren't for women or minorities, they're for leftists first and always. Ask these people. Ask Judge Robert Bork. Ask all the women Bill Clinton molested about how much support they got from the Democrats and the NOW organization."

Sad really. The grand experiment postulated by our venerable founders seems to be coming to a gutwrenching end, catching pernicious hell from both ends of the loaded barrel, and while many of us dare to transcend this latter day madness, we seem powerless if not ruthlessly apathetic to muster the courage and seize the moment to right ourselves.

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