New York Times Bemoans Israel As Usual


Israel Strong

In an article by Ethan Bronner, the churlish New York Times laments the plight of the Arabs displaced from Israel in 1948. Of course, a few pertinent details were left out of the piece:

1. The fact that most of the Arabs left because they were told to do so by their leaders, with the promise that they would return soon, after the Arab states had obliterated Israel.

2. The fact that hundreds of thousands of Jews were expelled from Muslim countries at the same time.

3. The fact that refugee problems in Europe and India in the wake of World War II were settled within a few years, but that the Palestinian refugee problem has been artificially kept alive by the Arab states as a stick with which they could beat Israel—no Arab state offered the Palestinians citizenship after 1948 except Jordan.

4. The fact that Jews living in an Islamic state ruled by Islamic law would be relegated to second-class dhimmi status.

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