Nader Still Makes Sense, Impractically So

But while he makes sense, I still worry about the Left's typical dismissal of US security issues in this capricious and dangerous world. Edgy and cerebral to the core, Ralph Nader continues his war on poverty while his attempt at persuading even the filthiest capitalist pig in the playpen that the reeling in of corporate steamrollers is a desirable fix to most of what ails us, I can idealogically support most of his actions in these regards. Missile defense system? Yes, divert some, hell, divert most of that budget, but don't act like America by virtue of its long gesticulating shadow doesn't need to do the smart thing in protecting itself against its enemies, those declared and those hiding in the henhouse alike.

I had been invited recently to a Nader speech here in Washington, DC to be held at the hip, smart, hard left cafe called Busboys & Poets, located uptown at the corner of 14th and V Sts, NW. Charming, inexpensive food on the menul, there is always an emphemery of elbows to rub up against. The place is ALWAYS packed to the gills. I declined this invitation from a newly minted friend for two reasons. I am trying my best to keep my nose to the grindstone, staying busy in my painting studio once I arrive there after a morning of reading and blogging, until I am ready to drop. However, this recent incursion of new friendships, dears all, has been threatening both my slipping energies and the fragile stability of routine I nevertheless depend upon in keeping with this program.

And secondly, I am loathe to encourage unrelenting peer encroachment of foggy ideals, reminiscent of my unstructured youth, ideals I've since traded for cold reckoning in these rather dangerous times. The $35 dollar hit to the wallet for this Nader fundraiser was probably a third mitigating factor.

Tough to prove, but footsteps in the sand are more real than a dead theory on pavement, and I feel confident that my wife and I tend to practice a ruse of Marxism far closer to the strategem I've ever known a MINO (Marxist In Name Only) to practice in the day to day. And that's probably why I have little empathy for the screed and rhetoric of this supposedly well-meaning crowd. Nothing is what it seems anymore.

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