Mohammed Says War Is Deceit

More and more ordinary people in America are awakening to the snicker of the jackals and the impassioned roar of the lions set in claw upon these shores. Here is Frosty Wooldridge in his essay—Muslims In 21st Century America: Arrogant, Righteous And Determined—pointing out what many in the citizenry have already discerned. Unfortunately, our bankrupt nation is being sold out by our cowardly leadership. What will it take for the West to finally grow a pair, and stand up for our own civilization instead of importing its own destruction?


War Is Deceit

AS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS allows and emboldens Muslims to continue their invasion of the United States by any means necessary, few Americans understand our predicament with clear well-informed energies and fewer still speak up. While liberals and academics, living in gated communities and assorted ivory towers, shout to the rooftops the wonders of multiculturalism—a not-so-silent war machine moves into place barely scratching the surface of our seemingly peaceful society. Today, the U.S. Congress continues importing 100,000 legal immigrants every 30 days. That equals 1.2 million mostly poor, illiterate and unskilled people from third world countries that compete for limited welfare dollars and jobs. At the same time, 14 million U.S. citizens cannot obtain a job, 13.4 million American children live below the poverty line, and finally, 35 million American citizens subsist on food stamps.

Not once will you hear of any debate on the absurdity of adding 100,000 immigrants monthly to our already overwhelmed civilization. As reported in an earlier column, the U.S. suffers 40 million people that cannot read (“America filling up with dumb people” and 52 million Americans that cannot read past the 4th grade level. Results of poverty and illiteracy:

Unwed mothers birth tens of thousands of babies on public welfare. Black gangs attack white citizens in Denver, Colorado where I live. Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles rule the streets; so much so, police officers do not dare enter gang turf for fear of being executed. As their crimes accelerate, our national prison population, now at 2.3 million inmates, grows commensurately. While in prison, Islam appeals to and converts more and more minorities.

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