Mexican Trucks On Our Highways


Mexican Trucks At Border

Does Mexico influence American Policy? Mexican trucks rolling freely along US highways, bridges, tunnels, into our towns and cities? The answer seems to be yes, but why?As with the Dubai Ports debacle, President Bush is willing to risk our national security by giving unfettered access to America’s transportation infrastructure to foreign companies and their government sponsors. They are playing of game of Russian Roulette on America’s highways. Mexico refuses to meet their end of the bargain, yet President Bush rewards them with open access to American highways. It is the American public who will pay the consequences. We can not let these time-bomb trucks on our highways to threaten the lives of Americans and destroy our middle class. Tell Washington today that we need to protect our sovereignty. We do not wish to bow down before this New World Order of which entrenched politicians have apparently signed onto, selling out the American people.

Despite the Bush administration's desire to open the border to Mexican trucks, its own Transportation Department's Inspector General Office reported last year that safety concerns have not been addressed and the border should stay closed.

Issues preventing implementation included the inability to reach an agreement with Mexico to permit on-site safety reviews by U.S. inspectors, the inability of the Mexican government to perform the new criminal history record checks for Mexican drivers who haul hazardous materials, the need to improve the system for monitoring Mexican driver records in the U.S. and the lack of operational weigh-in-motion scales at the 10 busiest crossings.

What is happening? Somebody or some force is rapidly taking over the world. Is this the way to do it?

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