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Bob Dylan

Now, this is what I am talking about. Can't we just abolish war? Ever since Bob Dylan turned the Beatles onto marijuana, America and the West has conveniently forgotten the true meaning or appointments of war. Okay, there was this unpleasant police action thingie that got its start back in the early Fifties but you know, peace and love and understanding are all very nice concepts and even nicer realities where they truly exist, unencumbered by the heavy aroma of bullshit, but thought control fantasy doublespeak serves no one a warm fuzzy feeling without awful side effects. Unfortunately, even for doglovers "imagining" peace on earth doesn't quite cut it when a vicious dog is snapping at your heels.

It's time to get educated. Re-educated, actually. About the ugly truths of warfare, about victory and loss in warfare, about the fist and fife of warfare that makes the future at least possible and the past none the more honorable than living in the present. Someone named John Lewis over at the Objective Standard knows why the Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraqi Wars have hardly produced victory on either side in any dignified sense of the word, but instead have doled out misery on both sides of the great divide.

We all have heard Abraham Lincoln's remark that a house divided against itself cannot stand. As far as I can tell, in terms of conducting America's business, the only genuine consensus offered by the radical left and Islami-fascism dynamic duo is to smash capitalism and common decency at all costs by ripping apart the very house that nourishes and enriches them. Totalitarianism is kicking at the door again, my friends...

Don't get me wrong. America has many faults, and could do better, should do better in living up to its amazing potential as promised in the early frontier years when Americans were inspirational dreamers but also a very practical citizenry, so don't go mistaking my longsleeved patriotism for "my country right or wrong" jingoism. But American failures do not mean I am willing to destroy that potential by selling out to a sworn enemy, whether that enemy be an invader from a foreign land or one standing on my own street corner wearing clothing of friendship propaganda so vile, it must be named and defeated as an enemy of not the state but of my own country, my own family, my own liberty.

Please read this comprehensive article for an excellent bone-chilling rebuttal to the "fighting with one hand tied behind one's back" crowd. As for the childish peaceniks—in a time of war such as the one the (dis)United States is fighting now, a war unequivocally declared by the Islamofascists—they are easily dismissed. The ones I speak of are always up to mischief, and yet, find no contradiction in their own behaviors when they support other violent regimes inside and outside their own nation while screaming bloody murder about police state tactics in the relatively benign US justice system, while always a work in progress and susceptible to its own corruptibility, is the fairest and finest for ALL people on the history of the planet, bar none. Sharia law? Separate but equal, hmmm, where have I heard THAT before? Oh wait, it's separate but unequal that's really eating the cheese. God forbid! Defeat the damn bastards!

My neighbor Leslie from down the hall calls me a free spirit. I'm sure she meant it as a compliment, and I know she meant me no harm, but it's amazing how many people presume I'm a card-carrying liberal, while others in the heat of bias have called me a conservative, if not a straight out redneck.

I am not at war with anyone. But Al-Qaida is at war with me. It's time I and people like me (whatever that means in this wicked and perverse PC generation) woke up to the realities of our own American nightmare, and quit dreaming of peace signs and flowers petals. The enemy is not only us, the enemy is those who have announced their plans to conquer the West, inch by inch, infidel by infidel, city by city. They have a plan. It's rather obvious that any and all the plans our president's men have come up with are flawed. As they say down at my local diner, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I admit that I am still unsure about the competing ideals of the nation state versus the globalist model, but my gut tells me that a destroyed America is a destroyed world and new dark ages, not a "picking up the pieces" Marxist nirvana so loved by Leftist intellectuals. Interpret that any way you please.

I've read the books. I've also observed the world at play, at work, and at war. Sit two nominally considerate toddlers in a sandbox assuring them that playing nicely together is just an all-around good thing to do, and watch them innocently play with each other for a short spell before boredom strikes like lightening and the petty power games begin. Throw a single toy into the mix, and watch all hell break loose. Add a second identical toy. Relative calm may return until the creative juices start flowing and one of our bundles of joy soon discovers the concept of concentration of power. A second different toy that is not identical of course conjures up similar if not precisely the reactions. Go figure.

I highly recommend reading the whole John Lewis piece titled "No Substitute For Victory", and then try to tell me Thucydides was wrong.

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  1. Dear Gabriel:

    Thank you for citing my article "No Substitute for Victory: The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism" and for linking to The Objective Standard.

    Your is one of the more thoughtful blogs dealing with these issues.

    Dr. John Lewis

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