McCain Rebuts Arguments Tying Him To Bush

Two Republicans. Two Minds.

Two Republicans. Two Minds.

CAN ANY REPUBLICAN HERE voting for the McCain and Palin ticket tell me five things that a President John McCain would do differently than President George W. Bush?

1) 2003: Senator McCain called for a surge in troop levels in Iraq. Bush refused. Adopted in 2007, McCain's surge strategy won the war in 18 months. Had Bush listened to McCain instead of General Colin Powell and Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the Iraq war would have been over in mid 2005. Obama to this day won't admit that the surge strategy has turned out to be superior to the cut-and-run strategy.

2) 2005: Energy Policy Act of 2005. Bush and VP Cheney proposes an energy plan that gives away billions of dollars in pork to energy special interests. McCain opposed it. Senator Barack Obama and other special interests on both sides of the aisle supported it.

3) 2008: SEC Chairman Cox and Secretary Paulson asks Congress to draft bail-out legislation. Senate and House majority caucusses draft a bill that includes major pork such as a $600 million per year every year slush fund to ACORN (the electoral-fraud, sub-prime mortgage "community organizer" organization). Desperate to get a bill, Bush supported it immediately. Obama came out in support of it as well. McCain opposed it until sufficient modifications were made to the bill to ensure that its funds will go towards the bailout of the economy and not special interests like ACORN. Obama continues to accuse McCain of being "erratic" because he opposed it (when it was loaded with pork for ACORN) before he was for it (after getting tax-payer protection into the bill).

Of course, I can go on and on. But for argument sake, let's look at two more public policy decisions.

4) Neutral with Bush) Senate Bill 190 in the 2005 Congress, McCain co-sponsored legislation to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Fannie and Freddie's powers-to-be in the United States Congress, in this case Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd and House Banking Chairman Barney Frank, among others indebted to Fannie and Freddie on both sides of the aisle, opposed it. Of course, Fannie and Freddie, in conformation with the banking regulation Community Reinvestment Act which made it mandatory that banks make loans to people who can't pay it back for politically correct purposes, which Obama calls a "good idea" because his front group ACORN bullied banks into making them, Fannie and Freddie CEOs Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines made tens of millions of dollars peddling these toxic loans and earned themselves advisorship in the Obama campaign and therefore possibly cabinet positions should there be a Barack Obama ial administration.

5) The Bush Water Resources Development Act of 2007. This act provided money to the construction of roads and levees. However, it was loaded with pork barrel spending. McCain co-sponsored legislation to guarantee road and levee projects got the money first before it went to special interests. Special interests on both sides of the aisle, including Obama of Illinois, prevailed even over a ial veto. Of course, afterwards, an interstate bridge in Minnesota collapsed killing tens of people, and not atypical seasonal flooding in Iowa subsequently overran levees subsequently. Had McCain and Bush had their way, the funds earmarked to road and levee repairs would have actually gone to road and levee repairs, thus saving lives and property, instead of special interests.

Thank you for your open-mindedness. I trust you will research these legislations to find them factually accurate and join this recent Obama-to-McCain convert in spreading the message that on the big issues of the day, whether it was with or against Bush, McCain has been always right, and when Obama agreed with McCain, he was right, but every time Obama disagreed with McCain, Obama was wrong.

Found on an ABC News blog posted by a fellow named James. And let us not forget, both candidates threw in with the Bush FISA extensions, the domestic spy bill, which hardly differentiates between Joe the Plumber from Toledo and Abdullah the suicide bomber newly arrived from Pakistan, also now residing in Toledo.

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