It Started In Eden


Max Beckmann's Adam & Eve, 1917

I found this today on the Daniel Pipes site posted in a comment:

Our present day problems are an ongoing reenactment of a morality tale that's been told and retold in every generation since the ancient time of Adam HaRishon. The sin of Eden had nothing to do with fruit or sex. It had to do with the abdication of responsibility and the need to blame others for our own failings.

If Adam had stood up like a real man and told God that HE, Adam, of his own free will had chosen to disobey and eat the fruit regardless of Gods express command not to, the world we live in today would be a whole different place. But Adam, being the nebisch that he was, chose to lay it all on Eve. And she, in her turn, dumped it all on the serpent. No one forced anyone to do anything. Even God could not force Adam to obey HIM without violating HIS gift of free will.

The whole issue was a test of Adam's character. The question in God's mind was "Could HE, God, totally entrust Adam with the responsibility as care taker of HIS creation?" Needless to say, Adam failed miserably and so he was let go to seek employment elsewhere. I doubt that God gave him any letter of recomendation for his next employer.

Today, we face much the same problem. God will not force us to obey HIM. But if we are willing to LISTEN when HE speaks HE will give us suggestions as to how to resolve our problems. It is all only a matter of recognising the truth of our situation here in this world.

There is only ONE sky above.

There is only ONE earth beneath our feet.

Humanity is only ONE kind upon the face of the earth.

There is only ONE law which governs the affairs of all men.

HEAR, Oh Israel, The LORD, OUR God, is ONE.

As Gabriel the cull poet is frequently heard to murmur, "It may not be the sexiest, but the straight line is always the shortest path to truth. With cruel exceptions."

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