Islam Will Lose, But What Of The West

In a recent article published online at Islam Watch by Mumin Salih, an Arabic-speaking Middle Eastern ex-Muslim, the case once again is made plain that the wretched claims of Islam are not to be trusted. Read and be warned.


Tomorrow's Churchill?

Islam is currently passing through one of its most dynamic times since its rise fourteen hundreds years ago. This dynamic period started long before 9/11 as a fierce struggle, mainly against the west, but also against any nation or group that dares to stand in its way. Most Muslims take this resurgence phase very seriously and consider it as a decisive battle between Islam and the non-Islam, or the "dirty" kufr, which Mohammed told them they would win. Even though the west, currently, is largely in denial about this makes no difference to the significance of this conflict to the whole world.

Islam will lose

Virtually unchallenged, Islam has survived and expanded during the last fourteen centuries. The only time Islam had ever faced any challenges was in the first few years, when Mohammed’s claims of being a prophet, were questioned by the Meccan Arabs and then by the Jews of Yathrib. During that period, which spanned over thirteen years, Mohammed failed to win any intellectual debate to prove his claims. That reflected on Mohammed’s failure to attract genuine followers. The few dozens who joined him were mainly friends and beneficiaries. Once Mohammed established his stronghold in Yathrib, which he renamed as Medina, intellectual debates, which had flourished until few years before his arrival, became meaningless and virtually non-existent. Since then, the only challenges Islam ever had were military ones; the opposing forces were more interested in military conquests than in exposing Islam’s ideology.

Knowing the Muslims’ mindset, we can safely say that Muslims may not even bother to consider any critical analysis of Islam that comes from non-Muslims, no matter how genuine and legitimate it may be. If Muslims ever mention such painstaking and authentic works, it is only to dismiss them as the works of the enemy of Islam. On the other hand, the critical analysis of Islam that comes from Muslims is often taken more seriously, although those Muslim critics of Islam will be branded as infidels.

Islam has guarded its ideology by employing a thorough indoctrination program and systematic and extensive brainwashing process of its adherents. The process is so incapacitating that it is incomprehensible to Muslims to contemplate their existence outside their religion.

Over the past fourteen centuries, Islam was never openly challenged or critiqued, because those who knew about its myths, also knew what it meant to disclose them. Those Muslims who did their own critical appraisal of their religion kept their results to themselves since they knew if they didn’t they risked losing their heads by the authorities, or even by family members or friends who would be happy to do it for the sake of Allah.

Even during the last few centuries, when the whole world started to open up to a new age of enlightenment, Islamic authorities managed to seal the minds of Muslims towards any outside views bout Islam. The tight seal on the Muslims’ minds continues even during our time. Unwanted materials, whether printed or televised, is simply filtered out. For fourteen centuries, Muslims never had a chance to see their religion from any perspective other than their own. Islam survived because it always had a suitable environment of darkness and one-way coaching with no tolerance to different views.

Since the introduction of the Internet all that has changed. Thanks to the power of the Internet, the world is now open to almost everyone, and Muslims can have access to the alternative views about Islam, something considered impossible in the past. The Internet is the first true challenge to Islam because it breaks through all the Islamic security systems. The Internet doesn’t recognize Islam’s demands of submission and total surrender of the mind. Everything about Islam is now subjected to critical scrutiny, people now ask logical questions and demand logical answers. Everyday, the Internet sheds more light on the cult of darkness to expose its myths. This shakes the very foundation of the Islamic ideology. Muslims are slow to come out from the darkness, which is understandable, considering their programmed state of mind. They behave like the battery chickens that are so conditioned to the darkness that when they see the light they feel scared to come out. We are only in the beginning of the Internet age, the process may appear to be slow, but the ball started rolling and more Muslims will wake up to the light of truth and come out to the world of enlightenment and join the other ex Muslims in exposing the myths of Islam.

The West will lose, too

I sincerely hope that time will prove me wrong on this gloomy prediction, but the signs are that the west is already losing. It did not take more than one generation for the western nations, which emerged victorious after WWII, to lose their momentum and give up any hope of staying in the lead. I write this part of the article with Britain in mind because it seems to be leading the way, but other countries are not far behind.

The decline of the west is mainly an endogenous problem that neither Islam nor any other external factors can be blamed for. But it is a disturbing observation that the west appears to be doomed with or without Islam, although Islam is taking advantage of the process and is working hard to speed it up. The Islamic predators look at the west as a helpless prey and are closing in waiting for the right moment to make a kill. They are hopeful to inherit the west without even having to fight for it, and they do not make a secret of it. A few years ago, Colonel Ghaddafi said that Muslims couldn’t take Europe by force in the past, but now they will take it without force. If you don’t believe the Libyan leader’s remarks, you only need to visit a classroom in a British primary school to see how Britain will look like in the future.

Nations behave like individuals because they are made of individuals. An individual’s performance is at its best in times of stress like preparing for exams or entering competitions. Nations too perform best in times of stress like wars or other national struggles. During the last war, the western nations performance was at its peak. People took no chances; they went through some rough time, suffered of hardship, fought wars and lost lives to secure a good future for their children and grand children. Those children and grand children are today’s westerners who have reaped the fruits of their grandfathers’ hard work. Today’s westerners enjoy a freedom and democracy that they never earned and seem to be reluctant to defend.

The West has had some very painful experiences because of Islam, like the attacks of 9/11 and the bombings in Madrid and London to mention only few. We all hate painful experiences, but it seems that pain is essential to the survival of individuals as well as nations. It is the uncomfortable sensation of pain that makes a man move away when he sits on a sharp object, otherwise he would bleed to death. It is the uncomfortable sensation of pain that alarms the sufferer to go and seek treatment for its cause. Pain is a warning system that alarms people about the more serious underlying problems that need attention. However, there are people who are careless enough, or stupid enough, not to take action other than swallowing painkillers until they succumb to their ailment.

The bombing of western targets all over the world during the last few decades should have been enough to motivate the west to take action about the roots of the problem, which we all know to be Islam. Instead, the west has opted to taking painkillers in the form of politically correct justifications prescribed to them by the politically correct groups. I am afraid that is a recipe for disaster.

The western societies seem to have an inherent serious problem that makes the westerners turn against their own history, heritage, culture and all their past achievements. They happily declare their cultural surrender as they see everything coming from the outside as genuine and honest, and look down at their own as false and corrupt. They are so consumed with post imperial guilt that they are blinded to their countries’ virtues.

The weakness in the west plays well in the hands of the Islamists and hinders our campaign to enlighten Muslims and defeat their cult. Western converts to Islam are used by the Islamists’ propaganda machine to boost the Muslims’ confidence in their religion. It is a common observation that when Muslims run out of answers to defend the Islamic myths, they produce the most bizarre reason for staying with Islam, they say: “but all those westerners wouldn’t convert unless Islam is right”.

The west has been a safe haven to the radical Islamic organizations that are banned in their own Islamic countries. The western social and political system facilitated some of the most notorious Islamic organizations, to survive, thrive and terrorize the innocents around the world. The remarks made by the head of the Anglican Church about introducing sharia law to Britain are just another reminder that the British problem is largely a self-inflicted one. The response of the British people to their problems is disappointing to say the least. Those who recognize the problem leave everything and emigrate, while the rest turn a blind eye and live in denial. I am afraid that when the nation’s feelings are so numbed, it is unlikely that it will sense any threat or react decisively to any danger.

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