Islam Is A Criminal Enterprise

Mideast Lebanon Ashoura

Mideast Lebanon Ashoura

OH MY, THE CLUTTERED THINKING of liberal largesse—if this woman is not an evil capo, but merely a conscript of a pathetic and vicious culture, why aren't YOU doing everything you can possibly do to help utterly defeat these demented ideologues? Why aren't all 81 women in this bra slum being murdered by fellow Islamicists FOR THEIR OPPOSITION to this distorted repugnant way of thinking? Death before dishonor, eh? Poorly educated, no preferable worldview, no human instincts for self-survival, Stockholm syndrome. Does it matter?

Seems plenty of these women find the stones to swiftly protest against Israel and the West in defense of this pernicious death cult clinging to barbaric sensibilities of a 7th Century rapine warlord, but according to their dhimmi appeasers are nothing but helpless plebes against their own ruthless handlers. Pathetic logic on their part, and on the part of the Left who would somehow save or forgive these wretched souls from the horrors of Israeli or American intervention.

This is not religion. This is a criminal enterprise. This is war.

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