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In a note from an intelligent fellow known as FidesEtRatio, we once again seize the opportunity to poke a hole large enough to drive a tractor through this lie known as "the vast conspiracy against Islam' that is fueling our enemies:

When I first heard about the cartoons, two years ago, my initial response, as a graduate student in Religious Studies, taught good Leftist values throughout my various degrees, was to think that the cartoonists had crossed a line. Then, we began to hear of people calling for the death of the cartoonists, of riots in London, Paris, and elsewhere, all over a dozen or so political cartoons. It was the violent response of Muslims to these cartoons that made me reconsider the Leftist values I've been brought up, which led me to make a sharp turn to the Right.

I would love to say that Islam is a Religion of Peace (TM), but the fact is that the evidence does not support this contention. The more I learn, and the more I experience, the more frightened I become. At the university where I study and teach, a group of Muslim students—thugs, really—found a loophole in the electoral process for the Presidency of the Graduate Student Association, such that, five of them, wielding hundreds of proxy votes obtained through intimidation and outright lies, had more voting power than all the other graduate students combined! They managed to elect one of their own as President. He then attempted to force through a change to our drug plan that would allow only married women to receive compensation for oral contraceptives, and to shut down the Graduate Student Pub, which is owned and operated by the Graduate Student Association. What was their justfication for this move? That monies collected from their tuition fees should not go to things that violate their moral code.

People who opposed them were accused of being motivated by hatred of Muslims. These charges went before the University's Human Rights and Equity Services, which ruled that there was no substance to the accusations of hating Muslims, and that, in fact, those who brought the charges had to issue a public apology for the slander. Likewise, none of their amendments went through: the insurance company that carries our drug plan could not legally discriminate on the basis of marital status, and there was too much popular support for the pub. However, for months, our Graduate Student Association was practically shut down by five men, who were explicitly motivated by the promotion of Muslim values to Islamify our heathen Graduate Student Association. We lost tens of thousands of dollars due to mismanagement, etc., as they carried out their Jihad.

This is different from the cartoon controversy only insofar as they used proxy votes instead of guns and vandalism to get power, and that, again, they used verbal and physical intimidation and guile instead of guns and vandalism to obtain said proxies. It convinced me, however, that with many (not necessarily all) Muslim we are dealing with less than rational folk who are prepared to use any means available to press their Islamicist agendas into every crack in the Western veneer they discover, then choose to exploit. They are not pikers, as many in the West choose to see them. Each, according to his and her intelligence and need to know have been groomed since childhood by a 1400 year old system. I have little doubt, too, that they would have used guns and vandalism if they thought it would have been deemed necessary and effective. Only the fact that it was neither prevented them from doing so.

As I posted elsewhere, do I hate Muslims? No. Do I fear them? Yes, absolutely. The fact is, the Jihad is not just on our TVs. It is in our schools, our neighbourhoods, our places of employment. We are at war, and many of our neighbours are siding with the enemy inside this stealth invasion. We ignore this at our own risk.

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