Importing Terrorists To America

Old news, but American leadership is still are kicking around in the sandbox with its inconclusive parsing of this vital national security issue.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

NATIONAL Intelligence Director Dennis Blair said recently that some of the 240 prisoners who are still being held at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base may be released into the civilian population in the United States. This bizarre news of course has started a firestorm across the country as the talking heads rush to interpret the official statement. In a spurt of twisted logic Associated Press reports, "that this would only take place in the case of prisoners who are “deemed non-threatening” and yet whose “home countries…won’t take them.” That leaves us reeling. If they’re “non-threatening,” why won’t their home countries allow them to come back?

Understand this in plain language. These enemy combatants will be released into a neighborhood near you if they are in danger of being tortured should they be sent back home. So it's not enough that we have American patriots being accused of torturing these same detainees by the disturbing Leftist radicals now in power, but the thought of the detainees possibly being tortured by their own governments is just too horrible to contemplate. But hey, they've got an idea. Let's punish the Republicans and send these jihadists into our own cities...

Spectacular logic. That's truly thinking outside the box. Generating some real change we can fear. Predictably, Blair offered up the typical humanitarian meme, following the British model, saying that the released prisoners would even receive welfare benefits, wincing, “We can’t just put them out on the street.” Of course not. Unless, apparently, it’s Main Street USA. We're expected to believe that Americans won’t really be in any danger. After all, the only detainees dispatched in this manner surely will be the “non-threatening” ones. The US government, we are assured, is building dossiers on each of the prisoners at Guantanamo.” Well then, silly goose, chin up, smiles and confidence blessing our hearts, we can all rest easy in our little brackish backwaters. Move along. Nothing of real concern to see here.

After all, if the government is compiling dossiers, what on God's Little Acre could ever go wrong? Now, a week or so later, the new official position is that most of the GITMO detainees would merely be relocated to maximum security prisons in the US, not our cozy little neighborhoods. Better than Plan A, or at least, more nuanced, but we might ask ourselves one question. No possibility of trouble in that scenario either, eh Hoss...

A perfectly good state of the art prison camp is Guantanamo Bay. Simple solution, nimrods. Keep it open.

Ain't politics grand?

Meanwhile, on the local front, only this morning did the Two-Fisted Quorum receive notice that Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) has been vocal in the House and has also introduced legislation aimed at keeping the terrorists out of his state:

As you may recall from recent newsletters, I have been making the case that trained terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay must not be released in the US. Over the last two weeks, I have spoken on the House floor six times challenging Attorney General Eric Holder to answer my questions about any pending decision to release 17 ethnic Chinese Muslims known as Uyghurs, in our area.  We have information that these detainees were trained at al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and believed to be members of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement. I also have written several times to the attorney general and to President Obama about my concerns.

I offered an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2009 emergency supplemental appropriations bill that would have restricted the administration from moving any detainees until October 1, 2009, require 60 days notification to Congress before any move, and require approval from affected states before releasing or transferring detainees.  Although my amendment was defeated in committee on a party-line vote, much of my proposed amendment was ultimately included in the spending bill.  It is my firm belief that Congress and the American people deserve all the facts before any detainees are released or transferred to the US.

Thanks Congressman! That's change we can live with...

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