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Iranian Comforters

We are among those who suggest that Islam needs to be outlawed and recognized for the Nazi-like belief system it is. Here is one opinion:

Much more than a religion, Islam is a religious-political entity with global ambitions. Did you know that year one of the Islamic calendar (unlike the Christian calendar) is not the birth of the founder but the first year Muhammed became a POLITICAL leader. Islam seeks not only to eradicate all other religions from the face of the earth but all other political systems and replace them with Islamic Sharia law.

Democracy is particularly anathema to Islamic totalitarianism. Liberty is not an option. Blind obedience to the Qu'ran and its wielders is the only choice. While Iranian students protest and demand a more Western-styled nation rich in its own Persian culture, the government of Iran continues to taunt Israel and the United States as it pursues nuclear technologies and gesticulates toward a "religious" confrontation.

Bordering on insanity with its ridiculous pronouncements, Iran's continued wickedness makes international news almost daily. Today, in arresting and killing innocent Christians the black-robed mullahs' regime reveals the morally banckruptcy of this backside of the desert "philosophy" called Islam.

The Iranian Evangelical Church has denounced a crackdown by authorities on its members. Under a new government measure, pastors with the official churches will have to provide a list of names of all those who take part in functions to the intelligence ministry. Pastors will also need an authorization from security forces to celebrate mass. Christians are less than 1 percent of Iran's population of over 68 million. And none of those of the cross have taken up arms against the people or government of Iran.

Yet the appeasers in this country try to thwart every attempt to protect its own borders from violent jihadists sneaking in under a lax immigration enforcement policy or those already here...

According to one informed Iranian source, periodically, representatives of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) arrest and severely torture Christians in several cities, including Tehran. Others, working with a certain legal organization defending human rights are accused of using it as a “cover” for church activities.

For those who argue that anti-jihadist alarmists in America are no better than these Islamic countries who routinely persecute Jews and Christians, I say, should take a good long look at a global map of jihadist hotspots and honestly ask themselves who's persecuting whom, and simply do the math. And they dare speak to us of ignorance...

Apathetic democracy is no match for this beast rising up out of the east. Often stated, but here it is again: the US Constitution is not a suicide pact.
In the United States, the Constitution is under seige by proclaimed enemies and defenders alike. Even the Supreme Court gets in on the act in tearing down the liberties and freedoms of citizens in good standing. Witness the recent decison to ignore simple language in the Constitution which forbids government officials from taking the property of one person and giving it to another.

Groups like CAIR with its history of whining and whingeing must be revealed to be the type of organization it is—just another hategroup masquerading as an antidefamation league, designed of, by, and for the us against them dualties inherent in the Qur'an itself, there for anyone to read in black and while. No mysteries. No subtleties. Nothing but a guidebook to deceit and trickery. Nonmuslim apologists and supporters of Islam and even nonreligious people in general should wake up, and wake up now!

If "peaceloving" Muslims do this to its own native Christians, what pray tell are your chances once "moderate" Islam sheds its mask, and turns violent to reflect its its world leadership, which continues to proclaim violent jihad on new global fronts every day, commands its own critical mass of soldiers ready to pounce? After all, there is no disunity in Islam. There is only once voice in Islam, and that voice calls for unapologetic world domination.

Apathetic democracy is no match for this beast rising up out of the east. Often stated, but here it is again: the US Constitution is not a suicide pact. Underestimating the Islamic menace is sure to be precisely that. Can you find grounds for disagreement?

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