Great Minds Do Not Think Alike

Great minds think alike...

Great Minds Thinking

Two free range friends of a certain reputation

You know the phrase. It's always said in public with a snark, and for some unstated reason until now I've never had occasion to find the remark the least bit flattering or of any appeal, nor have I taken the time to assess why. But, in fact, I take a bristling exception to that rather vulgar juvenile expression. Great minds do not think alike.

Great minds sense and tend to original edicts reconfiguring the inconclusive sift of the expanding findings of likeness, resolution, and sustainability in order to create a more perfect union, or tomorrow. Groundbreakers of a certain musical note wrestle with all-consuming effort the compelling and often repugnant, systemic breakdown of nature itself. The evidence, empirical if not already carved in stone, is overwhelming and as unpredictable as verbalizing the exact time of one's death at the exact time of one's birth, even though we have seen that death is more certain than birth over the course of unexplainable life.

Great minds set the pace that lesser minds only attempt to follow. I suggest to you instead consider once and for all that is the proverbial hoi polloi who tend to think alike. True, they tend to overstate this homogeneity with generalities, but then they live in the province of generalities. Great minds live in the province of specificity. And no, I do not consider myself a great mind, but I will never stop pursuing the ghost of that earliest potential now lost to the persistent struggle for identity among friends, foes, and displaced, delinquent, deplorable but all too desperate counterrevolutionaries of the soul. You may quote me if you can. Even though that last remark is just another sad revolting cliché in this old book of life...

Make it your own, because angels with great minds earnest for necessity live among us...

Any takers?

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