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Born yesterday?

The primary audience for Fitna isn't Muslims, so Eteraz' opinion is irrelevant. Let's get to the gist of it. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like Geert Wilder's shifting of the onus of reform to Muslims.

I, for one, am utterly unconvinced that the West is even in the smallest way responsible for the jihad declared against us, although I do admit that we've made the jihad against us stronger by not understanding its origins and methods. I refuse to take even the slightest responsibility for Muslim grievances and refuse to give in one iota to their demands. As far as I'm concerned, Islam is a completely illegitimate entity upon this earth and, as such, Muslims have no basis for making claims upon any non-Muslim, even including any claim that "we" should stop "exploiting" Muslims and Muslim lands.

By adhering to Islam, Muslims abdicate those rights. I'm a human rights universalist, but I also believe that an individual's beliefs (including his beliefs about the relationship of belief to action) can place him "beyond the pale" of human rights, at which point he becomes "persona non grata" on this planet. This, and the potential consequences thereof, should be explained to them once. They will either "get it" or they will not.

As for the "originality" of his guest's "review", I guess amongst Muslims such feigned indifference might seem original, but for any Westerner who's gone through the "disaffected teen" stage, that's old hat.

—Vidi Veni Vici

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