Germany In The Grip Of Muslim Terror

A Matter of Time - Khilafah

A Matter of Time - Khilafah

MUSLIMS WANT REVENGE ON German who killed Muslim in self-defence — ‘This is a separate universe with its own laws. I recently reported about the 18-year-old Yusef Al-Abed, who was stabbed to death as he and twenty of his armed Turkish and Arab friends attacked a collapsed German man: “Berlin: ‘tense armed calm’ after German killed Muslim in self-defence“. The German, known as Sven N., is to be acquitted, since he clearly acted in self-defence against the twenty Muslims, who were armed with knives and daggers. While Sven N. is recovering from having his skull fractured during the attack, tensions rise in the neighbourhood of Neukölln, Berlin, as ‘anti-German insults’ and talk about ‘burning down the neighbourhood’ and ‘riots’ is spreading in the Muslim dominated area...

The news out of Germany is piecemeal since the media is throttled by political correctness. Read more here.

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  1. I totally understand, Gabriel. People are so ignorant about religion. It's kind of like they are afraid of it being analogous to some idea like, "You must change" then people think, 'Oh my God. Change to what? I like myself." Then you can't get to square one. So I propose looking at it simply as bringing out your best self.

    My friend, Richard German from Switzerland said, behind "Fallen Nature" is "Original Nature."

  2. Clipped from a Dutch commentary...

    It is now almost exactly 50 years since I left university after taking a degree which included providing a thesis on comparative religions. Even then without any practical experience of Islam and being pretty naive I was very surprised that it revealed itself to me as far more of a cult than a religion. Muhammad himself in the light of contemporary records came across as a the strangest sort of prophet—crude, a seducer of young girls, a mass murderer, a total chauvinist and when convenient a liar—hence taqiyya—the licence for a Muslim to lie to give an advantage when dealing with a kafir or infidel i.e any non-Muslim.

    For most of my fifty years my work dictated my living and working in many Islamic countries, and I have found that the findings contained in my thesis have been completely borne out.

    Even now I remember vividly the words of the great French historian and philosopher Ernest Renan who in the second half of the 19th century AD traveled widely throughout the Middle East. "Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Many times I have observed in my travels in the Orient that fanaticism comes from a number of dangerous men who maintain the others in the pracrice of religion by terror. To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him."

    If only we had OUR Renan now to advise and help all the millions of Muslims who truly desire to leave from Islam but are understandably terrified at the prospect of the dire treatment they would receive for so doing—including death in many cases.

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