We Failed To Heed His Advice

The John Birch Society (JBS) is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, and a constitutional republic. It has been described as radical right, and from its earliest days has faced much ridicule and derision from mainstream and leftist opposition. However, it's obvious that we failed to heed the advice Welch offered in this video, and now we are paying dividends to those forces he rightfully opposed.

Established in Indianapolis, Indiana, on December 9, 1958, by a group of 12 led by Robert Welch, Jr., a retired candy manufacturer from Belmont, Massachusetts. Welch named the new organization after John Birch, an American Baptist missionary and United States military intelligence officer who had been shot by communist forces in China in August 1945, shortly after the conclusion of World War II. Welch claimed that Birch was an unknown but dedicated anti-communist, and the first American casualty of the Cold War.

Welch developed an elaborate organizational infrastructure in 1958 that enabled him to keep a very tight rein on the chapters. After an early rise in membership and influence, opposing efforts by people like conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. and The National Review led the JBS to be identified as a fringe element of the conservative movement, mostly in fear of the radicalization of the American right. It should be noted that oil industrialist Fred C. Koch, founder of Koch Industries, and father of the infamous brothers Charles and David Koch still operating today, was one of the Society's founding members.

Yes, we got a heavy dose of rock & roll, drugs and a pied piper's explosion of thoroughly indoctrinated children as confused as a grouch (or slice) of lemmings for our troubles and petulance. Light a match. If you think we are any freer now than we were back then in the buttoned down fifties, what's all this crock of crisis generating ANTIFA rioting and college kid tin foil hat behavior amount to when we distill it down? A wet warm trickle down some talking head's leg? Ask south Chicago what they think about our "progress" from those ugly days before LBJ bought them all off with promises that weren't warm and didn't trickle down. Of course, most of this latter incoherence among the permanently disgruntled can be traced back to the closed curtain organizational tactics and racially charged pronouncements of Number 44. But enough of that for today.

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