Divining The Messenger Of Change Called Obama


It Begins in The House that Respects the Beach.

The second paragraph of this comment found at Pajamas Media is rather amusing, and probably more correct than not.

There is a messenger now straddled upon us. “GUYS, I'VE BEEN severely depressed for the past several days. It’s unbelievable to me that a person with the character (deceit, conceit), beliefs (wealth redistribution, well documented hatred for this country, its past and its values), current behavior (flag, anthem), explicit plans (destruction of this country’s economy, remaking of this country’s constitution) and well documented past and current alliances and explicitly pledged allegiances, how a man like that can come within even a sniffing distance of Congress let alone the presidency. I think he should be impeached for perjury upon his being sworn into office for “protecting the Constitution” which he declared to be shameful, and for “defending against terrorists foreign and domestic” for his middle-east plans and obvious associations with the domestic type.

All of this because of 20 somethings who took their schooling from Ayers-like “teachers”, 30-somethings who think that all of this is for free and will last forever, 40-somethings who want to look so open-minded that their brains fall out through the opening, 50-somethings who want to look and behave like their 20 something children, and 60-70 somethings for being senile and re-living their never truly existing glorious revolutionary youth.

It’s revolting. Germans also didn’t quite realize what happened in July 1932.

Messenger of Change? So is a rock hurled through a plate glass window.

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