Divine Guidance? President Of The Missing Links

THOUGH MANY AMERICANS believe this nation to have divine sanction, how many nations do not? Perhaps only communistic [regimes], though they appeal to a higher power, the divinity of the collective. All other nations believe that God blesses them. American exceptionalism is a contention that suffers from the [sad but forgivable] facts that we eradicated civilizations, labeling it euphemistically as a manifest destiny; built our wealth on enslavement; grew our territory through conquest; and now have the dubious honor of being among the leaders in the world of sanctioning the murder of our unborn. Though it is true there are liberties and rights that are well defined and enforced, and these stand in contrast to the blatant subjugation of other lands, it is still not the stuff of divine guidance.



The President of the United States of America

And matters become even more convoluted when we consider the Obama presidency, or the presidency that wasn't. Word is number 44 sat out the Lincoln Inaugural Sesquicentennial Commemoration in the Capitol recently, instead preferring to pass his time on the golf course. Yet again, while the earth turns, burns, and churns into something it should not.

But why should anyone be surprised that Obama was absent at this event? He failed to attend the ceremony celebrating the end of the Cold War with the crash of the Berlin Wall, and accrued a bit of controversy for his simple arrogance. One suspects his disaffection for the event was caused by the possibility that someone else, in this case, former President Ronald Reagan might earn more glory this man insists belong to him, and him only. Instead he gave a vapid speech ignoring any credit to Reagan, absent at Arlington Cemetary.

He didn't shuttle off to France for the ceremony honoring our WWII dead. Lapel flag pins, absentee pledges, public and private sneers and snubs, phone-in decisions, empty words and dime store wisdom, all congealed into unsparing unworkable policies render all more clearly how nakedly Obama telegraphs his contempt for this land and its honored processes every time he misses one of these celebrations, while paying little to no immediate political penalty as the MSM continues to carry his water.

And now that a special ally is suffering under a major earthquake and tsunami, Obama again hits the links.

Obama's Maoist Marxism bleeds through constantly. His reported professorial statement that violent revolutions must 'unfold organically' without intervention in reference to Libya is a dead giveaway. Deploying the old Maoist term 'Sputnik moment' paints Obama in all his colors since this was the phrase applied to progressive accomplishments by local communes in Mao's Great Leap Forward in the late 50's.

This continued disconnect from the realities of American protocol is severely impertinent behavior for any chief officer of this nation, much less the commander-in-chief, and the sooner he is gone the better off the United States of America will be. Just say no thanks. Vote for somebody else in 2012.

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