Deconstructing Those Arab Refugees One Liar At A Time

Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat , PLO Leader

UNTIL THE 1967 WAR, many in Western Europe saw Israel—correctly—as a tiny and besieged state, surrounded by enemies who wished to destroy it. In this respect, they were helped along by the fact that the leader of those who would after the Six-Day War be carefully renamed as the "Palestinians," were not yet called "Palestinians" but simply "the Arabs" or "the Arab refugees." And their putative leader, Ahmed Shukairy (who was himself half-Turkish), had the habit of expressing himself as a truthful Muslim, and told the world that his goal was the destruction of Israel.

The Arab leaders said the same thing. And those Arab leaders, at the time, did not have the enormous oil wealth that the member-states of OPEC really began to acquire only in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Then they enjoyed a really fantastic jump in oil revenues, and thus an equally fantastic increase in perceived power and real ability to buy all kinds of influence along with other, more tangible goods and services, only when OPEC quadrupled the price of oil in the fall of 1973.

And beginning with their defeat in the Six-Day War, the Arabs realized that they would not be able to defeat Israel militarily, at least not yet, not under the new conditions, and with Israel now in possession of "the West Bank" and Gaza and all of the Sinai (some 95% of the territory Israel won by force of arms in that war). They would have to formulate a new strategy to force Israel to disgorge what it had won, to make Israel appear not to be what in fact it still was, a tiny state subject to this unending Arab and Muslim hostility, that no concessions by Israel would ever truly assuage (at least not for the Muslims who took Islam seriously, and that meant, at least, all of the Arab Muslims). So they did several things. They decided on a campaign of diplomatic and economic warfare, accompanied by terrorist acts within Israel and against Israelis overseas, and on a campaign to weaken Israel and to force its former friends to sever ties, or at least to cease being friendly toward Israel, and ready to misunderstand its plight, and the real nature of the war—the Jihad—being waged against it.

All of these countries, or almost all, within a year or two after the Six-Day War, had been persuaded by Arab money and the promise—never fulfilled—of more money to come if they did what the Arabs wanted, cut off diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

Read it all as noted JW contributor Hugh Fitzgerald outs the liars and puts the truth back where it belongs.

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  1. An excellent article with two minor errors. The alleged Palestinian Arab People got their name in 1964 in the first draft of the PLO charter, drafted in Moscow by the Soviet dezinformatsia. That was the first time the term “Palestinian” was used as a collective noun in connection with the term “people” one of the requirements for sovereignty.

    It appears three times in the preamble of the charter, as if to meet Humpty Dumpty’s logical standard, “What I tell you three times is true.” The passion of this alleged people for self government also appears for the first time in the same preamble.

    The only corroboration of the facts in the preamble is by the first 422 members of the “Palestinian National Council” formed contemporaneously, each of them hand picked by the KGB according to Major General Ion Pacepa, making his statement from personal knowledge of the facts. Up to that time the Arabs local to Palestine had never demonstrated a desire for political self determination. The only national movement they had was Anti-Zionism.

    These fake Palestinians with their fake quest for self government had no rights to form a state until they were given those rights in the Oslo accords. But by 1. never amending their charter to renounce violence as promised, 2. by engaging in violence which they had agreed not to do, and 3. by breaking their commitment to seek a state only through negotiation that they recently did at the UN, they are in material breach of their agreement and so have lost their right to a state. This would be an excellent time for Israel to annex Judea, and Samaria and any other part of Trans-Jordan that is not now subject to Israeli law. Three generations of fake Palestinians on welfare are enough.

    The facts of their attempted extortion of the political or national rights of the Jews to Palestine by violence or threats of violence should be publicized, not hidden. We owe it to our children in colleges and universities to find a way for them to learn the truth. While AIPAC uses its resources to petition government for Israel, the Arabs, more wisely are donating many millions to colleges and universities and placing their agents in endowed chairs.

    —Wallace Brand

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