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Terror attacks planned on videotape foiled by store associate...

Citizen Morganstern. The tipster responsible for helping authorities thwart a possible terrorist attack on a U.S. military base said Tuesday he experienced a "moral dilemma" over whether to report what he had seen. Isn't this what the left in this country have been trying to achieve for a couple of generations now, creating moral dilemmas where none should exist.

The very fact that this young man was beseiged by doubts about the morality of ratting out "people of color" despite what he was seeing on those tapes, says something very sad and highly disturbing about how powerful a whip the label "racism" has become in silencing people who should be speaking up. Can anyone doubt that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people all across America who would have remained silent in this situation, for fear of being accused of being "judgemental", "racist", or being guilty of some other "phobia?" Many people can be grateful that this young man had the strength of mind and moral fortitude to buck the "new and improved" PC morality, and make the right moral decision when it counted.

Brian Morgenstern, a 26-year-old clerk at a Circuit City in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, was given the 8 mm tape January 31, 2006, by two men, whom he described as "normal people." They asked him to convert it to DVD format.

Authorities said the tape showed 10 young men shooting at a practice range and shouting in Arabic, "Allahu Akbar", or all we all know by now, "God is great." Morgenstern said the video showed the men with hand guns and rifles that appeared to be "fully automatic weapons."

"I saw some stuff on the film that was disturbing and it kind of gained my attention that way," he told CNN's "American Morning." adding "I started paying more attention to it."

The tape's contents worried him. "I thought about whether or not it should be reported. I actually waited that night and weighed out my decisions, and I went home and talked to my family about it." The next day, Morgenstern returned to work and told his manager about the tape and his decision to alert the police. He described Circuit City as being "very supportive" regarding the situation.

Americans must remain vigilant. Political correctness will not fall in a day, so we must remain vigilant. There is this bit of reporting to consider. Is it true? Is it false, urbam myth or worse? Does it matter when there are mountains of evidence every day from around the globe of the nature of this Islamic surge no one in power wishes to address?

In 2000, Mohammed Atta was "in the belly of the beast" he intended to slay: the Federal Building in Houston, applying for an agricultural loan. Finance the attack on the Great Satan with the Great Satan's money! How smart! During the conversation with a woman loan officer, he told her that he admires Osama bin Laden.

Then he pointed at the large, panoramic photograph on the wall of the White House and the US Capitol and asked her how would she liked it if all that was blown up. He also asked her how would she like to have her throat cut. Through it all, she kept repeating as if in a trance: "Well, we are very happy to have you here in the United States, and the best of luck to you in your endeavors". Her only concern apparently was not to run afoul of the political correctness rules in dealing with this "middle-eastern gentleman".

As a Canadian columnist later put it: "She was in a sensitivity coma". In his e-mail to fellow jihadis those days, Atta kept repeating: "The enemy is stupid". Stupid indeed. This is the same government that sent approved visas to dead 9/11 hijackers 6 months AFTER 9/11 to the day, along with a cheery letter ("Dear Mr. Atta, welcome to the United States ... ").

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