Congressman Allen West's Presidential Timbre

NOW THAT COLONEL ALLEN WEST has been elected to the US Congress from Florida, and today, being appointed to the House Armed Services Committee, we can look forward to progress on these important matters before us. Thank God for Colonel West, America now has an insider who KNOWS his stuff.

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The Cyberwar Generation

AR has been transforming itself before our eyes, turning into something unfamiliar and strange. Information has taken a place as a major class of weaponry, with sabotage and subterfuge as preferred tactics. On the new battlefield, these weapons are available not only to nation-states, but to organizations and even individuals. Read this very compelling and intensely informative piece from JR Dunn at the American Thinker.

On Watch for Serial Quitters

FORMER PRO WRESTLER and ex-governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura made another one of his rather sniping comments of late: "Sarah Palin is a quitter. She quit as governor to go make money. I would have nothing to do with a party like that." That logic would make Barack Obama a serial quitter then, and so many other politicians and coaches and uh, fill in the blank, as well. To quit one job to take another. Spin it anyway your experience takes ya, but everyone has his or her own motivating or extenuating circumstances, including athletes who jump college for the...

The Soldier Beetle As Stink Bug

Got these bugs in your air space, and don't know how they got there. Unlike the experts in the article below, I don't really think this is such a great mystery. They are native to China, and China ships us hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods every year. Duh. But here is an article I found worth reading. O ONE IS SURE EXACTLY when it got here, but the brown marmorated stink bug may be coming to an orchard, field, garden, or attic near you. Halyomorpha halys, a native of Asia, has been expanding its range since its...

The Anti-War Movement and Me

ND THEN THERE'S THE ARSE-NAGGING KNUCKLE-DRAGGING FACT that a huge slice of university populations will pre-emptively dismiss a speaker before hearing one word of conservative discourse, which of course is nothing but the sign of a closed mind—an infection of the Vichy Left. This absurd posture illustrates a deep hatred and mistrust of America and all that she welcomes and withstands, for the sake of those who are in need—an absurd posture that presumes or dismisses the fact that the country CANNOT FIGHT BACK against a legitimate enemy. It's staggering really. In this infantile anti-war fantasy world the author of...