September 11

No Ground Zero Islamic Center

HE INIMITABLE BRITISH WIT PAT CONDELL takes the Islamic PR machine to task once again as the latter attempts to swagger into New York City to build a 13-15 story triumphal Islamic Center a mere two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood. To make matters worse, the building is scheduled to open its "doors of deception" on the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. Ground zero needs no Islamic hero.

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Obama's Capitulation To The Left

Dear Gabriel, The column below by John Yoo, which appeared last Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, analyzes some of the decisions President Obama made in his first week as commander-in-chief. Taken together, these decisions, as Yoo notes, "will seriously handicap our intelligence agencies from preventing future terrorist attacks." For instance, interrogators of terrorist suspects will be so restrained in their tactics that they won't even be able to use "good cop/bad cop" techniques commonly used by police officers. In other words, interrogation tactics which have been legally used on our own citizens are, in Obama's new world order of...

Remember Our War Dead

EVER FORGET THIS BRUTAL ATTACK on American soil was perpetrated by men fronting for Islam, never forget these men and women and children died because of religious hatred and bigotry. Never forget the war continues because our oft-boisterous enemies have not been defeated... Remember our war dead.

Rush Limbaugh Nails This Issue

by Rush Limba​ugh think​ the vast diffe​rence​s in compe​nsati​on betwe​en victi​ms of the Septe​mber 11 casua​lties and those​ who die servi​ng our count​ry in unifo​rm are profo​und. No one is reall​y talki​ng about​ it eithe​r,​ becau​se you just don'​t criti​cize anyth​ing havin​g to do with Septe​mber 11.​ Well,​ I can'​t let the nu​mbers​ pass by becau​se it says somet​hing reall​y distu​rbing​ about​ the entit​lemen​t menta​lity of this count​ry.​ If you lost a famil​y membe​r in the Septe​mber 11 attac​k,​ you'​re going​ to get an avera​ge of $​1,​185,​000.​The range​ is a minim​um guara​ntee of $​250,​000 all the way up to $4.7...

Lies, Damn Lies, And The Statistically Challenged Media

FRIGHTFUL CASE COULD BE MADE made that in the age of television, and especially since 1967, there has not been a news event of major transformative effect that has not been presented to the public without serious distortions. Some have been outright lies. Damn lies even. The seriousness of the effects of these distortions cannot be understated. Here are a variety of examples as put forth by Yaacov ben Moshe over at his Breath of the Beast blog: In 1967 the world was given the impression that the great victory in The Six Day War had solved the Middle East...