Ground Zero

Scouts Honor: Afghanistan Is No Place For Americans

ET'S DROP THE PLUMB BOB HERE, talk some straight talk, and rid ourselves of mixed emotions on all this war effort hubris. Attempting to transform the wild west of Afghanistan is much too expensive, much too depleting, of Western resources—perhaps not as much as the fiasco in Iraq, but it is simply the same kind of misguided belief in the mutability of Muslim man that pays insufficient attention to the permanent hold of Islam, and what it means for the West. Resources are limited. Men of valor, war and peace material, morale. They have been squandered, in Afghanistan, as in...

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GZ Mosque More In Line With Triumphalist Rabat

This article submitted by NY Post writer—Amir Taheri—is a must read for those who understand what America is facing with the double-talking imam as well as those who do not, and continue to equate this particularly planned Islamic project as just another mosque, or a harmless Amish prayer house. American leadership needs to snap out of its self-professed stupor, this over-confident arm-sweeping fog thinking that it can rationalize and pacify Islam's core beliefs and structures simply because they themselves have little faith or knowledge in their own religious or national core being. But our Islamic enemies and their buddies rely...

A Muslim Victim Of 9/11

Dear Gabriel, e know there are many Muslims in America who do not subscribe to the ideology of political Islam, the advance of jihad, and the imposition of imperialist sharia law. This past Sunday, a courageous Muslim spoke out against the Ground Zero Mosque in a column in the Washington Post (see below). The buzzing opposition to this repugnant Ground Zero Mosque continues to grow, with some polls show opposition now over 60%. Even mainstream media coverage continues to grow. This has become, and rightly so, a high-profile national issue, which is why we continue to burn the eyelids on...

No Ground Zero Islamic Center

HE INIMITABLE BRITISH WIT PAT CONDELL takes the Islamic PR machine to task once again as the latter attempts to swagger into New York City to build a 13-15 story triumphal Islamic Center a mere two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood. To make matters worse, the building is scheduled to open its "doors of deception" on the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. Ground zero needs no Islamic hero.