By Any Means Necessary


Sharia In Tennessee

FAST JIHAD IS JIHAD BY THE BOMB, by military means, aggressive and deliberate. Slow jihad is the active business of immigration, insinuation, agitation, and ultimate takeover of foreign lands by demographic means. This is no accident. War is deceit. By any means necessary. Qu'ranic tactics all. And most effective against nations who practice an open arms policy. History, unfortunately, is littered with the bloody extinctions of non-Islamic peoples exterminated by Islam hordes in its quest to fulfill the Qu'ranic dictates of Islamic world domination. And this is not the time to fall prey to the false analogies of cultural relativity. This slow jihad combined with al-Qaeda's fast jihad is a war strategy executed in real time in our time.

Simply put, Islam is the political engine for Arab imperialism cloaked in religious language. Ask the Buddhists and Hindus in south Asia. Ask the Christians and Jews in the Middle East. Ask the Armenians and Albanians in southern Europe. Ask the Christian and tribes in Africa and Indonesia and the Philippines. Ask the British and the French. Ask the Danes and the Dutch. Ask the Swedes. Ask the Germans.

Here is an article from Germany, a nation now only just beginning to wake from its slumber concerning its heavy increasingly problematic immigrant population, formerly embraced in the spirit of multiculturalism, but now feared as Islam begins its ascendency in a Europe betrayed by its own policy miscues. This is not fresh news to those who have been following the rise of Islam in Europe and elsewhere around the globe, and have studied its 1400 year history without the smoke and mirrors of political correctness obstructing this analysis, but it bears repeating.

‘Bezness’- a word derived from the English ‘business’, is used in many Islamic countries to describe the love affairs between naive Western women and Arab men, who made it their business to target Western, infidel women, merely to suck them dry.

The Muslim pretends to be in love until he has fleeced his victim of her money and/or made her pregnant, which helps him to become a permanent resident or citizen in Europe. Then begins the brutality in the marriage, but the women remain silent because of shame. These ‘Bezness-men’ usually lose all interest in wife and kids once they have become citizens and treat their wife and family like garbage.

Germany has a help line and an organization to help women who have been damaged by these very professional ‘bezness-men’. Those who seek help should contact: Homepage der Bezness-geschädigten Evelyne Kern

Women who have been cheated out of their savings and betrayed by Arab-fairytale merchants, ‘bezness-men’, should contact the above organization. The politicians and the media largely ignore these very serious crimes on these women constituents, who are deliberately and with malicious intend cheated out of everything they own and are traumatized, physically and psychologically damaged.

Political correctness is equally damaging and prevents the media from waging a campaign to further awareness. The victims are left to themselves. WDR and ZDF have managed to get the word out thanks to the organization of Evelyne Kern.

In the meantime there is also a data bank available where interested women can check if their lover is already blacklisted for his record of bezness-activities...

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