Brigitte Gabriel At University Of Michigan

Dear Gabriel,

I AM GLAD TO REPORT to you that my presentation at the University of Michigan last night went without a glitch. Credit goes to the alertness of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and local and university police. Highly visible were 8 police officers, a K9 team, a personal body guard and a variety of well positioned TV cameras from a Fox news crew for Bill O'Reilly as well as local TV station and university TV crews.


Brigitte Gabriel

The event organizers worked furiously to place heightening security after we were alerted on Sunday of a Muslim call going out that stated "Muslims, Arabs, and their friends and allies should give Gabriel a proper welcome." It is a crying shame when a speaker, any speaker in America today, has to have such security on hand just to ensure they can deliver a lecture at an American university. Our founding fathers are turning in their grave.

The event went without a glitch not because of the respect of the civilized Arab Muslim students who wanted to give me an uninterrupted platform to express my views about Islamofascism and terrorism but because of the large presence of security personnel and the TV cameras that kept others wishing to agitate from behaving badly. Knowing that they will be wrapped up and swiftly taken away in a moment by the police officers as the cameras recorded their foolishness on national television kept them in their seats.

You have to take your enemy at their word and defend yourself and show them that you will not put up with any nonsense from them, that you mean business. They wanted to show Brigitte Gabriel the proper welcome, Brigitte Gabriel wanted to ensure she was prepared to reciprocate. As a Middle Easterner I know what they respect.

So many conservative speakers and organizers assume that hopefully the students will behave, because we should have the right to free speech in our country. They show up usually with two police officers giving the enemy the benefit of the doubt. You cannot give your enemy the benefit of the doubt. You are to assume the worst and be prepared for it. And if it is going to take 8 police officers, a K9 team and a body guard for us to speak our views on college campuses and gain back the mind and soul of our youth, so be it.

Moral clarity, courage and unshakable determination are what is needed now to take back our universities. Fear, intimidation and political correctness need to be thrown by the wayside and we should move forward in the fight of our lifetime.

Our founding fathers endured so much and most died in poverty giving so much to give us the freedoms and the blessings of America that we enjoyed up to this day. Now is the time for our generation to rise up and defend what they have worked so hard to give us so that we may pass it to our children and their future generation.

I want to thank all of you who wrote and called in the last two days offering your prayers, your support in every way you could. Linda (the event organizer) was overwhelmed with emails and calls even from our members in Europe. I thank you for standing up for us with your support. I am willing to put my life on the line to do what needs to be done to speak up and defend our country.

Thanks to all of you who donated in the last few months. Your donations have enabled us to move our web site which was repeatedly hacked by Islamists to a new protected server. This is why in the last three weeks you have not been receiving regular email alerts. I am so thankful that just this weekend I was able to get back in communication with you. We may have lost some incoming emails in the move. Please forward this to your friends and family who may have not received alerts so they may be able to register for alerts again.

I ask you to please continue helping us increase our work in exposing the truth about those who seek our destruction. Please click here to make a donation Your donations from $10 dollars to as much as you deem possible, support the work we are doing. As I read your letters of support I am humbled and encouraged in continuing our efforts in standing up for our country and our way of life. I could not be more honored to have you as members and supporters.

My love and appreciation to every single one of you.

Brigitte Gabriel

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