Breaking the Numbers Down

More troublesome data on the multiculturalist front, Islamo-style.


Muslim Child Sex Trafficking Rings Busted Across United States

MOST US MUSLIMS (65%) are first-generation immigrants. But more than a third (35%) were born in the United States. One-fifth (21%) of the native-born (or 7% of all Muslims in this country) are second generation, with one or both parents having been born outside of the U.S. The nearly two-thirds who were born outside of the United States come from at least 68 different nations, with no single nation accounting for more than 12% of the immigrants. More than a third (37%) of all foreign-born Muslim Americans arrived from the Arab region, including Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa. An additional 27% emigrated from the South Asian region, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Another 8% come from European countries and 6% from other parts of Africa. In terms of specific countries, 12% of foreign-born Muslims arrived from Pakistan, and the same proportion from Iran. No more than 7% of first-generation immigrants were born in any other single country. A majority of the foreign-born arrived in the U.S. in the 1990s (33%) or in this decade (28%). An additional 23% came during the 1980s, while just 16% came earlier than that.

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But while the Islamic numbers, with what we know about radical Islam, raise brows to certain dangers that we have already experienced, and have been experienced worldwide, other populations are also immigrating with less than a fair start in a new country. On the heels of a major human-trafficking bust in rural South Dakota, we are assured that this is not an isolated case.

Human trafficking generates billions of dollars each year in illicit profits, in the United States and globally, through the entrapment and exploitation of millions of people, mostly women and children. The growing illegal trade in human beings for sex or forced labor isn’t limited to either rural outposts or the world’s largest cities.

Young women have been forced into prostitution over the past year through deception, fraud, coercion, threats and physical violence in Denton County, Texas; rural Tennessee; St. Paul, Minn.; Norcross, Ga.; Memphis, Tenn.; Fremont, Calif.; Harrisburg, Pa.; New York City; Los Angeles; Honolulu; Woodbridge, Va.; Gaithersburg; Annapolis; and many other cities.

Just last week, a 36-year-old Mexican national was sentenced to 40 years in prison by a federal judge in Georgia on charges that he tricked girls into leaving their families in Mexico, beat them and forced them into more than 20 acts of prostitution a night in Atlanta. The man had promised to get them jobs in restaurants. Five co-defendants previously pleaded guilty in the case.

Tincrease of heinous criminality is allowed to occur during a period of extreme relaxation, if not outright abandonment of common sense regulation of America's four borders and the visitors and newcomers within it. Let's face it, the gross liberalization of nearly the whole cloth of Uncle Sam's institutional character with its soulful neglect and misguided snubbing of societal norms has enjoyed a formidable run in the US and the West, but is now cracking at every appeal to reveal its true mettle. Chaos and decay. Savage and insincere.

It doesn't take a weatherman to chart the fear or frame the first shot of the coming national crisis, a crisis where all the pleasing familiar ways will breakdown and a much more difficult set of challenges to our cultural and personal pursuits of happiness appears unavoidable, although there are many who are busy giving us this version or that one.

A clampdown on the anarchy America is allowing to fester is surely coming our way if we continue to allow this outrage to continue only neglibly checked. Our collective consciousness demands it, trapped as we are in mad strategic cells of cloaked hatred and empirical division, false renumeration and calculated loathesomeness, and while we strongly urge as did the prophet of old that we must refrain from being the originator of this primal fury, on some sad field of unintended glory we shall soon find ourselves reaping what we have sown in our short times of corrupt generation upon corrupt generation.

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