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I think the greatest fault of both men, Gandhi and King, was that they gave people more credit for being SANE than people actually have coming. I agree that culture and the morality of that culture has ALL to do with it—and maybe their judgement was clouded by the idea that all men are basically good. The concept that evil is not inherent in society is rather more hopeful than reality demonstrates. Evil can be born in some, created in others and encouraged by circumstance—and damn sure rears it's ugly head quite too often for people to be as trusting or appeasing as they have been over the history of humanity—but people like King and Gandhi still try, and die for it.

I think the basic principle of both men, as thinkers, was that a person should be judged by their CHARACTER rather than any other more mundane or cosmetic aspect such as race, national origin or religion. Gandhi was sadly disappointed by the adherents of islam—as Islam has no people of character, just human slaves to imams and ideals in complete opposition to sanity.-Tonto

That's the trouble with honest to God pacifists. Someone usually sends them a bullet instead of flowers, so the rest of us mourn and take up arms...

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