Barack Obama: Big Man On Campus

President Obama

President Obama

FACE OFF, and let the American presidential sweepstakes begin. Mortal cracks are showing both stateside and abroad everywhere this ship of state blows and it appears that the once unsinkable Obama administration is taking on more water than it or its lap dog media can scoop out. Lots of it. The Left, particularly the Far Left, is turning against Barack Obama in droves. During this latest grumbling spate we hear from 1999 Pulitzer Prize winner Maureen Dowd, followed by the leading voice at Code Pink. No doubt, many of us independents are delighted in knowing that the recent shift showing the Big Man on Campus is beginning to falter politically, at least matches his loss of appetite for hands on governing.

Obama’s winning was like a moon landing. You noticed it more when you’re overseas. America did it again, Brazilians told me. The world can elect women presidents. It’s happened before. But what advanced economy has ever elected a black man? None. Not Europe. Not Latin America. Not Australia. Not even close. They’re not even on the ballot. Only in America. What a country.

Kenneth Rapoza

“Why should the public believe what the Obama administration says about the people being assassinated by drones? Especially since, as we learn in the New York Times, the administration came up with a semantic solution to keep the civilian death toll to a minimum: simply count all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants. The rationale, reminiscent of George Zimmerman’s justification for shooting Trayvon Martin, is that “people in an area of known terrorist activity, or found with a top Qaeda operative, are probably up to no good.” Talk about profiling! At least when George Bush threw suspected militants into Guantanamo their lives were spared.”

—Medea Benjamin, CodePINK

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  1. Ron Paul’s REAL PLAN:

    Veto any unbalanced budget!
    Refuse to further raise the debt ceiling!
    Fight to fully audit (and then end) the Federal Reserve System!
    Legalize sound money!
    Offshore drilling!
    Eliminate the income, capital gains, and death taxes!
    Oppose all unfunded mandates and unnecessary regulations!
    Cuts $1 trillion YEAR ONE!
    Eliminate five cabinet departments (Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education)!
    Abolish the TSA!
    Abolish corporate subsidies!
    Stop foreign aid!
    End foreign wars!
    Returning most other spending to 2006 levels!

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